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Jerusalem: City Of Faith And Fury

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CNN doc series

"Jerusalem: City of Faith and Fury, produced by Blackfin, is a six-part series that tells the story of one of the most controversial cities in history, through six epic conflicts that shaped and defined it. Narrated by Golden Globe-winning actor Ewan McGregor, the docuseries explores how a small arid town with no natural resources became a place of pilgrimage for three of the most prominent world religions, while investigating how three thousand years of conflicts have led directly to the struggles of today. Spanning from Biblical times to the Roman Empire to the Cold War, and examining the stories of King David, Cleopatra, Saladin, T.E. Lawrence, and more, the series brings the "City of God" to life as never before."

Sundays at 10pm, premiering July 18

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The first episode starts with the purported founding and early years of the city, but it doesn’t sit well with me that they are presenting it more as fact than legend, given it tells the story of David vs Goliath, David as King, and his son King Solomon. Though I guess if you are telling the story of a very old city, it’s probably helpful to start near the beginning even though that mostly exists in legend and stories, especially if a large part of the conflicts pertaining to the city hark back to ancient times and what people believe happened

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