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S01.E05: What's in the Freezer?

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Gus and Big Man add a traveling companion.

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Yay, Bear joined the duo! That moment where she and Jepp silently agreed not to let Gus know about the dead parachute guy behind him was gold. I wonder how old Bear is supposed to be - it seems like maybe a bit older than the actress appears.

I knew trying to hide Nancie's body was going to backfire on Adi and Rani. They should have just gone with the truth, that Trixie killed Nancie with a kick. I don't think this is a world where they have to worry about their legal liability for their horse's actions. As for Abbott storming in, ordinarily I'd say "out of the frying pan and into the fire" but they were already being set on fire...speaking of, I know the community can reasonably feel Adi is shady for multiple reasons (wife with the Sick, dead body in the freezer), but it still doesn't seem like the greatest idea to kill your one remaining doctor. I'd have gone with testing him to make sure he didn't have the Sick, locking him up and letting him know his continued existence is dependent on providing medical care.

But it does seem like the Sick has unhinged whatever thinking skills people have. Like this thing with the Last Men wanting to eliminate all hybrids: Didn't the mountain family say that all new babies are hybrid? You'd think that would get people to reconsider their attitudes towards hybrids since they are the only chance the human race has at a future - and given their immunity, a good chance.

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How stupid was this community though? Your gonna kill the only doctor you have because you think he killed someone? Or might be sick? Y'all kill people on a semi regular basis it seems.

Yea people being so brainwashed to think that hybrid babies caused the sickness in such a short amount of time was baffling to me. Even if you see a baby with a tail it's still a child. Why would you added that they are incapable of speech or learning?

And I refuse to believe that only two functioning adults decided to treat them like the children they are.

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I'm having a tough time with the fact that all the adults are so scared to die that they'll kill children. I would die a million times hefore I let that happen. And what kind of people burn you alive?! Holy crap, at least kill them first!

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So it appears the Last Men are getting hybrids in order to have a dr perform medical experiments on them to find a cure.  I’m surprised there’s not a less ethical dr they could find to do that.  

I bet the purple poppies are the solution too.


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