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Silo Anticipation

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AMC is creating the series Wool for Apple TV+. Season 1 will be 10 hour long episodes that will probably cover the first half of the first book of the Wool Trilogy written by Hugh Howey, which includes Shift (2nd book) and Dust (3rd book). It will likely take at least 4 seasons to cover all the material in the 3 books.

Wool is a dystopian sci-fi trilogy set in a post-apocalyptic future where people live in massive underground silos. There they must follow strict rules that are designed to keep them safe. They must never leave the silo, because the world outside will kill them within moments. Whenever an individual within the society begins to express an urge to venture outside, they are sent to clean the sensors that allow the citizens of the silo to see the world beyond. However, they always die within moments of completing their task. But what truly does lie in the world beyond the silo? These questions will haunt the characters of the series, and drive many of them forward.

Production was scheduled to start in July and should be already underway. Rebecca Ferguson is the executive producer as well as the lead actor in the role of Juliette, a hardworking engineer.

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‘Wool’: Harriet Walter, Avi Nash & Chinaza Uche Join Apple’s Dystopian Drama As Series Regulars


Harriet Walter (Succession, Killing Eve), Avi Nash (The Walking Dead, Barry) and Chinaza Uche (Dickinson, Nigerian Prince) will help round out the cast of Wool.

Harriet Walter will play Martha Walker, a veteran engineer who works in Mechanical. Avi Nash will play Lukas Kyle, an IT worker who rises to prominence after meeting independent and hardworking engineer Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson).

Chinaza Uche will play Paul Billings, part of the team in the Judicial department who works alongside the Silo’s Head of Judicial Security, Sims (Common).

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Silo premieres May 5, 2023 on Apple TV+

Rebecca Ferguson as Juliette


Tim Robbins as Bernard


Common as Sims


David Oyelowo as Holston


Rashida Jones as Allison


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I loved this series so much even as it got further into the sciency deep end of dystopian/sci-fi than I was usually interested in going when I first read them. The preview looks like they've done a good job of capturing just how incredibly claustrophobic and closed off their world sounded on the page. I feel like I've been reading about it being in development forever.

Sigh. I really don't want to have to take on another streamer through.

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Looks like I'm subscribeing to Apple+ agian! I was waiting for the next season of For All Mankind but I loved the book and this looks promiseing.

The premise reminds me of the classic film THX 1138 where everyone lives underground in a totalitarian state because the people are told it isn't safe on the surface.

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