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Pretty Hard Cases is a Canadian police comedy-drama television series that premiered on CBC Television on February 3, 2021. The series was created by Tassie Cameron and Sherry White, creators of Rookie Blue. The series follows two detectives - Sam, an uptight and by-the-book guns and gangs detective; and Kelly, a streetwise narcotics detective, in their early 40s. Both are ambitious and accomplished in their own way excelling at work while their personal lives are a disaster. They could have a great partnership if only they didn't drive each other nuts.

Now that Pretty Hard Cases is shooting their second season and is on streaming, it seems a good time for a thread.

It's a drama, but I find that it's really funny too, between Meredith McNeill's (Baroness von Sketch) super up-tight obsessiveness and Adrienne Moore's (Orange is the New Black) laid back attitude and the situations they get into. A strong supporting cast including Karen Robinson, Tara Strong, Dean McDermott, Kim Coates and the amazing Jackie Richardson.

I find that the writing is smart as well as funny. Lots of twists that I'm not expecting. The kids do a very good job.

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Huzzah that there's a forum for this!

I agree that this show is well done. CBC has really upped its game.

The first few episodes were a little formulaic and predictable (perhaps unsurprisingly so), but the show really found its footing after that and managed to sidestep a lot of predictable tropes and cliches -- except for the obvious sassy black woman and uptight white woman, which I'm willing to forgive only because the two actresses are so good. It's a really nice blend of comedy and drama.

really wish they had kept the original Lady Dicks title, though.

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7 hours ago, Birnam Wood said:

uptight white woman

I know that it's a trope but Meredith McNeill does such as good job of channelling my inner neurotic that I love it.

@Birnam Wood, anyone can start a thread for a show. My problem was that I didn't know whether to put this one in the drama or the comedy section.

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