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Flatbush Misdemeanors

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A couple of good reviews but not getting much notice.


It's about a white teacher and a black artist friend who live in Brooklyn.

I don't recognize any of the cast except Drew, who's played by the same actor who played WeBay on The Wired.

Drew is a minor gangster who accuses Kevin, the black artist, of causing damage and owing him a lot of money, which he repays by giving him free food from the restaurant where he works.  Dan, the teacher gets roped into this because one of his pupils is Drew's niece and he has to give her good grades.

They come across a lot of offbeat characters, which as the Variety review notes, is similar in feel to High Maintenance.

They don't go for obvious punchline jokes, mostly the wack things some characters say and do.  For instance, Dan's mother has married a black man named Kareem, who's trolling Dan about being his daddy and how he got with his mom.

Drew wanted to accost the mother of a classmate of his niece who posted about having sex with her but decides he'd like to get together with the mother, who catches on and throws them out -- he asks the mother if she's gay.

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