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S03.E05: Chapter 21 - Near, Far, Wherever You Are

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Phoebe and Robbie continue to try to persuade Sandy to release more of their inheritance money. Sandy begins working on a new acting role.

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Overall, I really liked this episode. I'm enjoying Paul Reiser a lot. (Seeing him in Diner looking 12 years old was a lot of fun.) He's a good actor and very funny. And I didn't expect to but I'm also enjoying the dynamic between Sandy and his ex. And his musings about death. And seeing him making his CGI-heavy movie. 

Martin's mother! Yikes! I was expecting her to be an OTT, quirky character, probably an actress we recognize. Instead she's full-on terrifying. Martin's facial tics and cringing behaviour are well earned. (Although curlers? Really? Is she 140?)

I'm still struggling every episode with how much I dislike Mindy. The character, and possibly the actress. (Obviously I don't dislike the actress personally, just in this role.) I can't decide if I dislike the way Mindy is written, or if the actress is just bad at playing her, or if the actress reminds me of someone in my life that really pushes my buttons. I suspect it's all 3. Whatever the case, she's really impairing my ability to enjoy the show. This is probably a personal peeve so I'm trying not to bring it up every episode. (The expression BEC keeps coming to mind. Someone who unaccountably irritates you so much that there's nothing they can do harmless enough that their doing it won't annoy you.) 

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I was thinking the actress who plays Margaret - Melissa Tang -  looked familiar. In other topics (I think mostly relating to BOB HEARTS ABISHOLA) there's been some discussion of Lorre's reuse of actors he likes (Paul Reiser's mother in this show is played by Christine Ebersole, who is a regular on ABISHOLA). Tang turns out to be quite the Lorre regular. Besides this one: MOM, BIG BANG THEORY, and YOUNG SHELDON. However, I'm guessing that the champ Lorre recidivist is Vernee Watson - by my count she's been in *seven* Lorre shows, all the way back to GRACE UNDER FIRE.

It was a little odd watching Paul Reiser playing one fictional character watching himself playing a different fictional character.

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