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PLEASE READ: Miscellaneous posting... Updated 10/31/2021

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Hey all,

You are all a very vocal group, which is great. However? The sheer volume of threads to keep track of is not. In that vein, I have tweaked the "Welcome To The Squadroom" thread to go beyond questions so as to post comments that will not fit in the other categories. So please use that as opposed to creating more threads, please and thank you!

If there is a category you feel is not already represented, please drop me and/or @txhorns79 a PM and request a new thread going forward. It appears separate threads are popping up again without checking with us, and, again, all musings and general talk should remain in the "Squadroom" thread.

The forum is heavy post-wise, and we'd like to make things more streamlined going forward.

Thank you for your cooperation! Happy posting!

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