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People of Easttown

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I started this topic because I was thinking about Frank and Faye, Frank and Mare, and their interesting dynamics.

Frank and Faye differ from most of the other characters on the show because we haven't yet seen the fallout from their flaws or misdeeds. Everyone else is shown to have all sorts of character weaknesses, but life at Frank and Fayes? Happy town.

The worst deed we have seen from Frank, so far, is that he lied to Mare about knowing Erin. Other than that, Frank appears to be one of the most well-adjusted, emotionally supportive people on the show. Examples are his attempt to help Erin (if taken at face value), and his talk with Siobhan on 5/16 show. Basically, we are shown Frank to be a sort of a prince, compared to the other men on the show who are involved with all kinds of god-knows-what.

Frank lives across the street and invited Mare's best friends, cousins and own mother to his engagement party. Does he have no friends of his own? I mean, wow, that's some modern liberation if you're still sharing the friends after a divorce - but family, even?

If you were Faye, why would you want to marry a dude who isn't ready to break away from his ex-wife's family, while you and the ex-wife are ambivalent to each other?

I think it's more than safe to assume everyone blames Mare for the divorce. Even for Northeasterners, even though she claimed not to want them at the anniversary, what they did to her in going to Frank's was brutally cold. That her daughter co-planned it for that same night was a slap in the face.

Either we have yet to see Mare's absolute worst behavior still come to light, ie, something that might justify all the crap, or she needs to walk away from that town. She is already alone, so why not?

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