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S06.E03: Forgiving is Not Forgetting

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On 5/11/2021 at 7:00 PM, Madding crowd said:

Do they not have open houses then in California? They have them here in Chicago and anyone can come. My neighbor is a realtor and she said she shows to anyone who asks and seems to be really in the market plus she does open houses. We also had no questions asked in Florida. I guess different parts of the country operate differently.

When we bought in June 2020 there were no real estate open houses in California, we had to make a reservation with the realtor. Before viewing we had to sign a form saying we don't have Covid, show a pre qualification letter, put on disposable booties & masks, etc.  However, I just saw on the news last night open houses are back in California. Interesting how every State is so different. 

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On 5/16/2021 at 6:28 PM, String Theory said:

I didn't see the store that Jovi went.to (most.likely FF through this) but not sure exactly where they live in the Warehouse district but there are a couple Rouses, a Whole.Foods & a Fresh Market in the area.

I lived in the Garden District and had access to the street car.  I had a car.&.although there aren't mega grocery stores nearby (like Winn Dixie which would require a car), there are a couple drugstores (Walgreens/CVS) where Jovi could have walked/ Ubered to pick up diapers.  I can't believe he didn't have enough sense to pick up Newborn diapers for the baby.  I watched the preview of  tonight's show on Friday, & if I heard correctly they took the four day old baby out to eat! I'm hoping for the.sake.of the baby that this, along w/Jovi's insensitive comments about Yara paying too much.attention to the baby vs having "a good time" being out with.him are just another example of TLC manufactured story line.   If not, then  Yara has two children.  Hearing Jovi whining about her not paying enough attention.to him sounded very much like my three year old nephew.  



Yeah, I lived in New Orleans too (although it's been awhile) and wherever he was shopping, it didn't look like any of those established stores in the Garden District/Warehouse District area. Or even a big drugstore. But like someone else mentioned, maybe it's hard to get clearance in those big box stores. 

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