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S08.E18: My Kinda People and the Big To-Do

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54 minutes ago, SunnyBeBe said:

Just read your post and got chills!  Last night out of the blue I started reading online updates on Kristy McNichol!  Just out of the blue.....read about Jimmy, her brother too.  Then today I see your post.  So ironic.  Oh, I’m from NC too.  Where did you find Empty Nest?  I might give it a shot. I loved Family, the series.  And yes, unfortunately Kristy suffers with mental illness that was a major reason she left acting.  

Yes, Jaime Presley is from NC.  I’m so proud of her.  Also, Sandra Bullock.  I went to college with her...lol. Didn’t really know her though.  

I found Empty Nest on Youtube. A lot of old sitcoms are there. 

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