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That Damn Michael Che is a sketch comedy series streaming on HBO Max, all six episodes will be available on Thursday, May 6.

Che uses sketches and vignettes “to illustrate what it feels like to experience various every-day situations including racial profiling, unemployment, falling in love,” and more. Cecily Strong, Heidi Gardner, Ellen Cleghorne,  Omari Hardwick, Geoffrey Owens, Godfrey, Billy Porter, and Method Man also lend their talents as well as Che's co-anchor, Colin Jost.


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Hah, Jost as a sidekick. 

It would be even funnier if well paid actress Scarlet Johansson appears, but is shown in skits as Che's girlfriend or wife. 

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S01.E01: Policin'  (20 Min)  Che finds himself stuck in an elevator with a white woman and is forced into an unwanted discussion about police. The NYPD gets creative with a public service announcement, and a mother discovers her son wants to be a cop.

S01.E02: Bourbon & Water  (21 Min)  Che reminisces about getting dumped while having a drink at a familiar bar. Schoolkids get a lesson on the dangers of addiction. An ex-doctor offers a cure for losing steam in the bedroom. Grace recalls her first date with a rich man.

S01.E03: Dudley Gets Shot  (19 Min)  In this “very special episode,” Che tries to help his friend after seeing him get shot… without calling an ambulance. A town hall honors the lives claimed by COVID-19. An entrepreneur spearheads the latest “urban” workout craze.

S01.E04: Sex Worker  (21 Min)  During a therapy session, Che recounts his unusual dreams and opens up about succeeding in Hollywood, and later, members of his family face elimination in a reality show competition.

S01.E05: Well Played, Crackers  (19 Min)  Nervous about getting the COVID-19 vaccine, Che seeks counsel in a Black barbershop. Plus, corporations offer messages of support for these turbulent times.

S01.E06: Only Built 4 Leather Suits  (23 Min)  Gearing up for his first show at MSG, Che tries to clear his conscience in confession, before making an appearance on a daytime talk show. A visit to the doctor’s office triggers Kevin’s insecurities.

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