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S13.W4 (E15-20)

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15 hours ago, displayname said:

I thought Andy's competitors were quite strong! Julia, Audra, Mindy, Kylie, Amina. LOL, reminds me, that was an unexpected slaughter of women towards the end... Hope this one turns around, since I'd really only like Depinder to win currently.

I agree.  I also felt like the dessert specialists Kylie and Julia were really good at desserts.  They can make cake, tarts, macaroons, mousses, ice creams. They had that one challenge, where they had to make a giant dessert tower at the final 7 which was really impressive.  Like its so weird how a lot of the dessert specialists in modern seasons are really bad at baking.  Like I feel like a lot of the dessert specialists are only good at ice creams and any mousse in a mold. 

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At this point they’re going to have to start giving the others some help. They get 90 minutes while Depinder gets less. She might not do the most complicated food but she seems to be doing her thing on a whole other level by herself.

The fire cooking looked like a lot of fun. I’m sure it takes a lot of practice to get the techniques down and not burn everything but it looks like it all tastes delicious.

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Today on Masterchef we learn the ultimate culinary secret: You can add flavor to . . . WATER. Wow. This is crazy stuff, guys. Who knew that when I added salt before I cooked pasta for lunch, I was being a MASTER of the culinary universe. I'm quitting my job and opening a restaurant.

Jess: Dry tortillas, huge pieces of beef carved the wrong way and undercooked . . . but "I loved the concept." Bad tortillas, bad steak, and smoky salsa? How is that a "concept"? How is that "an absolute stunner" unless we're talking about stunningly unimpressive? I give the critique 4 out of 5 WTFs.

Scott: His facial expressions and enunciation drive me bonkers, and now there's a fourteen minute pause before the judges critique his dish. Apparently throwing a raw leek into smoldering flames is the key to success on this show. Who knew? 2 out of 5 WTFs. 

Pete: "Hidden nuts, grainy puree" would be a great name for an action movie (or the restaurant I'm about to open). His critique seemed clear and straightforward, which means it scores a googol on the WTF scale.

Depinder: The whole "can the wife use the tandoor" plot was very 1950s. Otherwise, she seems to be a deserved frontrunner in this cast. And I want in interactive lassi.

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On 5/9/2021 at 8:24 PM, Niuxita said:

Oh wow, they're really not hiding the fact that they're gunning for a male winner this season, huh? I'm not even a Wynona fan (although I don't see what's so wrong about her Instagram-ing her food?), but that was bull. Shit. This might be a controversial opinion, but hear me out: it seems to me that on a cooking reality show, what sends you home should be not getting the cooking part right, and not failing to adhere to a set of incredibly abstract and wildly subjective instructions. I'm actually so angry that I'm debating whether I even want to continue watching, because now I know what they're on about. My darling Kishwar will probably be eliminated on a technicality in a few weeks to make way for Conor the Culinary Genius.

Speaking of, God, he's this season's Reece, isn't he? There's NO WAY that simple ass, terrible-looking dish was one of the top.

I did get a laugh out of Elise's "Guys, there's 13 cucumber granitas in the freezer!" and Melissa's "On a day where we've eaten 10,000 granitas...", but it wasn't enough to wash off the bitter taste this episode left. 

I'm with you on being pis$ed Wynona was eliminated when the judges clearly stated that Jess' dish was so gingery they couldn't taste the cucumber in hers.  How did she fill the brief then?!? 

As for Conor's dish (I haven't seen anyone mention this)... what the HELL did he do for 90 minutes?!?!?  He made an olive ice cream and put it in the churner, made a cucumber granita (TOO) and put it in the blast chiller... what did he do with the last hour, practice his model walk?????  Seriously!  He didn't even take the time to go out and pick something from the garden to decorate the dish with.  How could he get away with doing TWO frozen elements in all that time and not be dragged on the carpet for it?!?!

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It's things like Melissa in that fuchsia pantsuit what are gonna make it impossible for me to quit this show long after all my faves have gone, isn't it? Goddammit.

Super stoked for Depinder winning her second immunity in a row! That's one less of my faves that I need to worry about on Sunday. I don't so much fear a shocking elimination for her down the line as I do her coming in second to any of the mediocre dudes, but nonetheless, I'm just gonna enjoy her while she lasts.

Loved learning more about Jess and her family this week, even if she completely botched that immunity cook, LOL.

I agree with someone upthread about how the editing is so obvious that you pretty much know who will be selected to cook for immunity/go to round two in an elimination challenge/etc. At least in the elimination challenges, when they don't even bother showing what someone is making/the judges' tasting, you know it means that contestant is most likely safe, which really helps with my when-will-Kishwar-be-eliminated anxiety. 😆

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