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Physical is a 10 half-hour episode dark comedy/drama, set in the idyllic but fragile beach paradise of sunny 1980s San Diego. It follows Sheila Rubin (Rose Byrne), a quietly tortured, seemingly dutiful housewife supporting her smart but controversial husband’s (Danny Rubin - Rory Scovel) bid for state assembly. But behind closed doors, Sheila has her own darkly funny take on life she rarely lets the world see. She’s also battling a complex set of personal demons relating to her self-image… that is, until she finds release through the unlikeliest source: the world of aerobics. At first hooked on the exercise itself, Sheila’s real road to empowerment comes when she discovers a way to merge this newfound passion with the burgeoning technology of videotape to start a revolutionary business. The series tracks her epic journey from a stifled, overlooked enabler to a powerful, confident economic force, as Sheila transforms into someone we take for granted today (but was entirely radical at the time) — the female lifestyle guru.

Paul Sparks is John Breem, a conservative real estate developer convinced the mall will save the American family.

Other cast members include Loy Taylor Pucci, Della Saba, Dierdre Friel, and Ashley Liao.


The first 3 episodes will be streaming on AppleTV+ on June 18th.


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