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S03.E15: Welcome to the Challenge

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When Victor Alvarez, owner of auto-repair chain Motor Boys, tries to steal Calvin’s customers, the Butlers and Johnsons join forces on a plan to drum up business and give back to their community.

Airdate: 04/26/2021

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I liked this episode. The slow building of Calvin and Dave's relationship over the course of seasons is so well done, it was nice that Dave actually helped him be more productive.

And the brother's story about trying to work out was very relatable. It was good to see Malcolm try to help Marty for once instead of lightly teasing / bullying him as usual.

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Maybe if Calvin didn't keep stopping to talk so often he wouldn't have needed Dave.  I mean, with everyone yelling that the other guy was almost done, he stops to tell Dave to talk to speed him up.  He could have been done in the time he did that.  And when he was behind, he stopped to trash talk the other owner.  Who was very wise to keep distracting Calvin.

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