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Kody Brown: Part-Time Father, Full-Time Asshat

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I would love to see Robyn leave Kody, although I highly doubt she ever.  But if she did, I'd love to see him try and simper his way back into the good graces of The Big Three, only to be shot down by both Meri and Christine, and have him end up squishing into Janelle's RV with her on lonely Coyote Pass with only Janelle, her dogs, some elk and an occasional tumbleweed for company.  If Kody cannot shoot down the people vying for his attention and whine about how there's only so much of him to go around, then there's nothing for him to do except stare at his reflection in the murk of Poo Pond and wonder where it all went wrong.

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I haven't watched this show in probably 5-6 years maybe ??

But I love reading this form an snark comments so much.  :)

Anyway, I remember reading here, maybe a couple of years ago, that Kotex (sorry, I saw this name for him a while back and I was literally ... literally LOL yes laughing out loud !) ... said his hair is curly now because Robyn taught him something about shaking wet hair up and down or something made the curls.

If so, is still saying that is the reason he is now ramen noodle head ?? LOLOLOL.


i didn't read the article but I think I saw a headline that she sold her house and on legal documents referred to herself as being single.   LOL, uh, she IS single isn't she ??? !!!

I do love the name of this .. I guess you call it board? .... Kody full time asshat !! :) :) :)

... also I do love Mohammed Frauded Me computer tricks !!  I haven't seen any with Strife with Janelle she calls it instead of Janelle's Strive with Janelle or whatever it is called.    Is Janelle being the health coach anymore ....or is it just the end-all-cure-all drink she is pushing now ??  I saw here where it cures among other things sugar cravings but she still gets a pumpkin churro at a fair of some sort.

You all make me laugh so much an I thank you for that.  You have no idea how much I need to laugh and I so enjoy it !!!!!

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