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S06.E03: Phantom Menaces

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So, Kara (and Zor-El) find a surprising ally in the form of this Princess Myxlgsptinz: another fifth dimensional being with magical powers.  Hopefully this will be a way for them to leave the Phantom Zone and get back into the action (especially since the squad is clearly at their wits end without her.)  I hope that she ends up being an ally, but I would not be surprised if she ends up betraying them somehow, because that's normally how it goes.  The actress is being billed as a regular, so I guess she'll have a part to play.

Whelp, Team Supergirl clearly hasn't seen better days.  All of them seem to be handing losing Kara in different, but common ways.  J'onn throws himself completely into "solider" mode and refuses to address any of his emotions (I did chuckle at M'gann's numerous "Oh, maybe I went too far with that speech last week!" reactions.)  Alex is depressed to the point of barely being able to care about anything other than Kara missing.  And then there is Brainy, who still can't get a handle of his emotions, so it's just making him a wee bit ragey (probably didn't help that Nia was away.)  To be fare though, even though I know I was suppose to think he was off his rocker, I kind of think his plan to kill and dismember Lex might have some merit...

But, hey, at least they came together to save M'gann (too bad Vampire Silas is apparently a Phantom now), and hopefully everyone will help each other power through this.  As usual, the J'onn/Alex scenes were nice and Lena/Brainy continue to be one of the more interesting duos out of the show.

Yeah, Lex definitely strikes me as the "You gave my illegal earnings to a children's hospital to spite me?  Well, I'll just burn down the children's hospital then!" type of guy.  Probably got that from his mother, because I feel like Lillian would have done the same thing.  But now Lena has had enough of his "games" and simply left Luthor Corp.  She's totally right that Lex will probably end up destroying himself due to his own hubris, but I just wonder how much more damage he will cause before that faithful day.

Can't say I missed either William or Andrea here.  Did miss Nia though.

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Lots and lots of angst. Also: Lex has a children's hospital set on fire. In his defense, Lena was playing dirty, and he couldn't find a damsel to tie to railroad tracks. So, yeah, little Timmy with the terminal illness is gonna have to find a new place to live.

Man, Brainy Unhinged is fun to watch. You think he's watched The Room a few times? Or maybe Ron Burgundy's phone booth freakout in Anchorman? Sad to see that the final season of Supergirl might have the team not have Supergirl. Not that her Phantom Zone Adventure isn't intruging.

14 minutes ago, thuganomics85 said:


Gesundheit! #rimshot

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So Silas is permanently a phantom now? So they basically killed him without technically killing him (yet). Did the show hire some writers from The 100 this year?

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I might like the Luthor family corporate melodrama and humor - but it feels like that's a totally different show. It (at least so far, though I have very little hope) doesn't tie into Supergirl the show or the character at all. I think they really ruined Lena on this show by bringing in Lex. Lena was a great morally gray character and had a good "frenemies" relationship with Supergirl, including the "two powerful women trying to make a name for themselves outside of their families who have done horrific things" contrast. Once Lex was brought in it was just a retread of old Clark/Lex drama that didn't make sense when applied to Kara/Lex. Also, yes, Jon Cryer is wonderful in the role but has completely overstayed his welcome.

What always makes me laugh though is when members of Team Supergirl call each other by their superhero names even when there's no one else around. Like J'onn asking "Where's Alex and Dreamer?" to M'gann and Brainy, who both know Nia, when they were the only ones in the room. Just... why? It's so awkward!

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Tonight on Supergirl: Feel Your Feelings...

Sure, parts of it got cheesy, but I'm always here for the Superfriends loving and supporting each other. M'Gann/J'onn, Kelly/Alex, Brainy-Lena, and Alex-J'onn were all great. I especially liked the stuff between Brainy and Lena. I've always enjoyed their friendship, and I feel like the scenes we got with them here is what I've been waiting for ever since Brainy took off his inhibitors. Last season, he got shunted into the "must secretly help Lex" plot immediately and we never really got to see him respond to suddenly having full access to his emotions, either alone or with his friends. That little catch in his voice as he admitted how much he missed Kara broke me a tiny bit, and I'm glad Lena was there for him (and demonstrating how she's learned from her own mistakes re: rage and vengeance.)

Also, it's such a good thing Kelly is around. Lord knows these people could use a mental health professional on standby, and I think the show has been doing a nice job so far this season showing the support she brings to the team in little ways. I'm also a sucker for people without powers standing up to powerful threats, so I loved seeing her try to fend off that phantom.

Speaking of the phantoms, so it's basically like if a Dementors' Kiss then turned you into a Dementor? They don't mess around!

Very intrigued by this new 5th-dimensional imp. Did Kara call her Nxy, is that what it is? The actress's performance is really interesting to me, warm and engaging but also very-slightly-yet-obviously cracked, and so I have no idea which way she's going to go. She got to me with that "not all fathers send their daughters away to save them."  Plus, I'm glad that Kara is still very much KARA in the Phantom Zone, still determined and inspiring and not about to give up for anything.

I feel like the Lena of seasons 2 and 3 wouldn't keep being so shocked at the depths of Lex's evil. I mean, of COURSE he's going to set the children's hospital on fire. That said, I adored her parting line, "I do hate you, but I love me more." With her leaving Luther Corp, is she going to be coming over to the Tower full-time, or is she going to get something new off the ground on her own?

I don't know exactly how the scheduling shakes out between Supergirl and Superman & Lois, but it'd be nice if we could get Kara out of the Phantom Zone by the time S&L takes the time slot back. Everybody's really going through it right now, and it would be great if we could go into the final-final run of episodes with the family reunited.

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Literally burning down a children's ward at a hospital to spite his sister is some next level villainy even by Lex standards, you really imagine him twirling a mustache while wearing a bit black hat. Lena leaving is probably for the best, she isn't wrong that Lex will inevitably destroy himself due to his massive ego and pettiness. Lex in many mediums has a long history of being his own worst enemy, wasting his great intellect on his own small minded schemes and pointless revenge plots, he always ends up getting brought down by his own hubris. Its also the thing that will make Lex absolutely nuts, there is nothing Lex hates more then not being the center of attention. You know that as kids Lena would give Lex the silent treatment when he was being really annoying and it would just make Lex ridiculously mad, even now he always wants her to pay attention to him, basically pulling her pigtails through supervillainy. He was practically pouting when his butler said that he "won" the fight with Lena, this isn't how he wanted to win at all. 

This was a pretty good episode, I enjoy episodes that are heavy on the character interactions. Everyone is really struggling without Kara around, worried about her and frustrated that its taking so much to get Kara back. Alex is just miserable, wallowing in her guilt and missing her sister and be worried to death about her to the point that she can hardly get out of bed, J'onn has taken M'gann's advice from last week WAY too far and has fallen totally back into soldier mode, to M'gann's concern, while Brainy and Lena are trying to deal with being angry while being frustrated at being unable to do more to find Kara, especially Brainy. There was a lot of really good character interactions, especially between Alex and J'onn, Alex and Kelly, and Lena and Brainy, you could really feel how much everyone is trying to keep it together, with varying degrees of success. At least everyone came together at the end to save M'gann, although Silas is still a Phantom. Poor guy, he just cannot catch a single break. 

It looks like Kara and her dad might have found a new ally, and its an Imp Princess from the fifth dimension. She seems fun and her actress is doing a good job at having a warm strength with a seeming manic strange side that is lurking just underneath and seems to be coming more to the foreground now that she has her powers back. I am not sure I trust her, fifth dimensional beings are basically a whole species of super powerful wild cards, and as we saw with Mister Mxyzptlk, who can cause havoc even when trying to be helpful, but she should be fun to have around. 

I love that they are putting Lena and Brainy in scenes together lately, they play off each other really well and they really get each others very specific issues. I feel like when they first had Brainy remove his emotion dampener they didn't use that very well, just sliding into his very ill conceived plan to work with Lex for the greater good without exploring more of the strong emotions he was now feeling, so I am glad they are doing something interesting with it now. He doesn't quite know how to channel his feelings in a constructive way, so he is just angry and hurt and he cant stop Lex or save Kara right now, so he is just spinning out because he hasn't figured out how to deal with this in a healthy way yet. Him finally admitting how much he missed Kara was so heartbreaking, and Lena being there for him was a really nice moment, especially their talk about hanging onto anger and revenge and how much that can hurt you if you let it fester too long. Lena would certainly know about that.

Totally fine with Andrea and William being in offscreen world, but I missed Nia. Nia call your boyfriend he's going through some stuff. 

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I really thought that the creators are going down the route of killing-off or at least write-off for the time being M'gann, because, story wise perspective (about what we found-out about the Phantoms in this episode), it would be credible, believable and would be impactful on almost every character in the show. Unfortunately (or fortunately), they decided that the last season should not be different from the previous ones, and we will not have any real stakes involved at all. In my opinion, wasted opportunity.

Also, John's (I still can't spell his real name) character this episode:

- Dude, don't feel too much, be tough.

- OK. Emotions made me pick wrong decisions. I'll be tough. *Some time passes* Being tough made me make some bad decisions.

- Then, it's all right for you to feel, dude.

- OK, I'm gonna feel. *Some time passes* It's still does not work!

[Me, feeling annoyed by his character all of a sudden, because he's a white-board that others can project their opinions and emotions to]

P.S. Yes, you should kill Lex, but you won't do it, because... story-wise, you'll loose SupermanTM villain. And that's a no-no, but in reality, yes, absolutely, Lex is a degenerate human being, totally evil, and deserves death. I'm all for it. They should call some mercenary that has no trouble with killing bad-guys... now... I don't know... if only there was some Punisher type individual... if only... Lex has out stayed his welcome, IMO.

P.P.S. Now I remember what the Phantoms remind me of. Turok-Hans from Buffy the Vampire Slayer's last season lol. Either that or non-green and wrinkled Scrolls from the MCU.

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I'm finally getting caught up with Supergirl and I have only one thing to say: No mention of the fact that M'gann spent most of the episode with her life in danger because she was a total idiot who decided to go out and hunt phantoms by herself? Boards, I am disappoint! 😉

What annoyed me most was Jonn blaming his soldiering for M'gann's condition. Dude, that was ENTIRELY her fault.

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