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S11.E09: Pineapple Puss

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On 4/14/2021 at 10:12 PM, LibertarianSlut said:

I’m glad that, nine episodes into the season, we get the backstory as to why Jennifer’s mom is mad at her dad.  That historical shit actually interested me a lot more than whatever else is going on in this season (what is going on in this season again?). 


What’s tone-deaf to Margaret about Jennifer wanting a housekeeper?  If Teresa took to Instagram to look for a housekeeper, Margaret would think it was hilarious!  She is in such bitch-eating-crackers territory with Jen.  Jennifer has five children and she wants one housekeeper.  

The background on Jen's parents was so sad. My mom used to occasionally complain about annoying things my (late) father would do and one day I popped back with "YOU'RE the one who married him!" which actually seemed to get through to her. But a young teen girl in a religious society 50-60 years ago forced to marry a grown man? Damn. I hope they steer her to some therapy because as Jen rightly pointed out, she can't waste what time she has left being miserable about the time before. She's depressed and self sabotaging (refusing to go to Turkey and see her son and the baby in order to be a martyr over the father going) and really needs professional help if they can get her to go.  

The complaint about Jen's housekeeper instagram seemed to me to be about the tone. It wasn't "Geez, folks, I'm in a tough spot - our housekeeper had to leave and we're looking for somebody and anybody who's interested, please email ____, because we provide pretty good benefits and we're looking for somebody who is looking for long term stable employment with our family," but instead something like "Jeez, the HELP these days! Now we've got to hire somebody new and I needed this like a hole in the head!"

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On 4/16/2021 at 4:31 PM, Marley said:


I can’t believe that Jennifer and Bill are my faves on the show right now. When she first came on I was not a fan. Her segments are the most interesting too. I rather watch her family then Margaret and her schlump husband and her weird staff she pays to be her friends. In a tacky house that prob will never be finished. She should downsize with all her money issues. Also do not care about her book about herself and her past. Who cares. Who is asking for that lol.

I agree. I really love them together. Their oldest daughter is just so sweet and so smart. I hope she always stays that way.

That psychic was also on a jersey shore episode. I think someone asked who she was ginamariespiritualmedium.com


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Rewatching this now and the "psychic" came to "read" the "ladies." (Whew I'm exhausted of quotation marks)... this is all I got from the realtor woman....


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