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S01:E08 My Baby Only Drinks the Good Stuff

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Pennsylvania, 1987: When Karen asks to come over to Dwayne's house for dinner, he panics because he's been lying to her about being rich. In 2032, candidate Johnson tackles an emerging public relations crisis.

Original Air Date: April 13, 2021

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Dwayne having to do damage control because he was caught eating healthy food from a cheesesteak truck in Philly.  Yeah, that checks out.  Hopefully he has learn from this slight and avoids anymore food related mishaps on the campaign trail!  Don't eat pizza with a fork, Rock!

Figured Dwayne's lie about being rich was going to eventually come back to bite him, and I'm glad they did have consequences because of it.  While I don't know if he and Karen would have ever worked out, he didn't even give her a chance to know the truth at the beginning and at this point, it was really too late to have a truthful relationship.  And Rocky certain didn't help things with telling him to "double down" on the gimmick.  At least this inadvertently led him on the path to football.

Rocky selling his beloved car to pay for rent was nice.

Who knew jazzercise contracts could be so thorough?!

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6 hours ago, thuganomics85 said:

Don't eat pizza with a fork, Rock!

God help him if he eats a hotdog wrong in Chicago...

Its too bad Dwayne's lying blew it with Karen, but it was an important life lesson. Sometimes you work the gimmick, and sometimes you just have to be you and hope for the best. At least this got him into football, which we know will certainly take him places. 

Even for just one scenes, I love seeing the wrestlers pop up. "That was a wild few seconds." 

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I still really don't care for the "future" story telling scenes. They're all forced and take away from the show in my opinion. I really do like all the story's he's actually telling. It's become one of my favorite new shows because of it. I assume this will get a second season (depending how many stories he has), I hope they re-work the "future" part into something better.

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6 hours ago, MaryMitch said:

I was expecting Rock to sneak his girlfriend into the lady's house that had left town.

For a second I had myself convinced that Hot Karen is that lady's daughter...then my husband reminded me that Dwayne had been to both the rich lady's house and Hot Karen's house, and they were not the same.  I find myself wondering where all of these fancy houses are here in Bethlehem, because no one *I* know lives in one!

Oh, except Laura Bennett from S3 of Project Runway.  Her late husband's family owned silk mills in the area, and when he passed she inherited the family mansion, which is about 5 minutes from here, down a private drive.  Maybe that's why I don't know where the fancy houses are...they're all on private drives!

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