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S01.E29: Kakashi Enlightened!

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I didn't see a thread for last week's episode, so I'm making this one. While Team Guy and Sakura & Lady Chiyo catch up, Kakashi uses his super special Sharingan to fuck up Smooth-Talking Explosive Clay Guy (I'm not great with names). It kinda resembles Miroku's Wind Tunnel attack, only with a different origin point. That rips off Clay's other arm, and he seems helpless as Naruto beats the shit out of him for seemingly killing Gaara. But it turns out Clay used a clay substitution jutsu (with no way to use hand signs?!?) and got away. Naruto is not happy, especially with Gaara lying with no life in his body at all. Naruto starts to boil over . . . no, he literally boils over, and a tail starts to form from him. For Kakashi, this is bad news.

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Yeah, you know that Naruto is ticked off when he starts farting orange bubble gas.


Regarding doing jutsu without having hands:

There is some precedent for it. Well, maybe not precedent, since it happens in a later episode IIRC. Turns out that it's possible to make signs with eye movements. I assume that other body parts, such as feet, could be used as well.

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