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S01.E12: Canine Extraction

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I'm going to miss me some Cannoli. He really was so delightfully fluffy. 

I liked that Gina was an adult and told Drew about his daughter and her friend drinking. 

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When they showed up at dialysis with the dog, I wondered why Drew wasn't getting a treatment, since all his buddies were. 

Gina really was the adult this week, though I did wonder how Cannoli's person would feel about her not training the dog, but they just dropped that part of the story. I enjoyed her "working out" with the chips.



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I was kind of hoping the owner would decide to let Gina and Drew keep Cannoli. What a big dog he is. Sweet too. Just a giant mop of fur. At least Drew gets to Facetime with him. He will be missed!

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I'm really going to miss Cannoli, such a big sweet fluff. Like a happy walking pillow perfect for snuggles. I hope he can visit, or at least Zoom in.

I am really glad that Gina told Drew the truth about his daughter and her friend drinking. Even if it means she loses some "cool aunt" points, it was the right thing to do as the adult in the situation. 

"This tastes awful." "That's how you know its fancy." 

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Gina's next side job will probably not be as cute and fuzzy as Cannoli, but hopefully it will still be enjoyable. Actually, maybe she will get another animal to look after. Seeing them go through a cycle of one lovable animal after the next would be okay with me.

....Except an acquaintance of mine had to stop having pets when her partner got a transplant, so I don't know if that would be a problem. I didn't ask her more about it, as I didn't know her well enough to feel like it was an appropriate question to pursue with her.

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While I didn't think they should dognap Cannoli Dr. Pete's job does not seem conducive to having a dog (or any pet really) so maybe he'll realize that and either let Gina and Drew take Cannoli or at least share custody of him 🙂  I'm glad that Drew has lightened up a bit.  Before the last 2-3 episodes I was really starting to dislike him and wanting Gina to keep her kidney for someone that was nicer to her. 

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On 4/6/2021 at 12:50 PM, theartandsound said:

Anybody know Cannoli's breed? I'm usually partial to dogs that can fit on my lap but Cannoli is so damn adorable.

He can fit on a lap.  At least, I think he'd try.  Seems like the snuggly type.

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