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  OK, I didn't see a thread for this one and just started watching it. The pilot episode tried too hard, but I am on Ep 3 now and loving it. For those old enough to remember the Miami season of "Real World" (wayyy back in '96), Jann Arden's song "Insensitive" was played during the episode where Mike goes to visit his on-again, off-again girlfriend Heather, and basically breaks her heart. This is sort of Jann Arden's version of "Curb Your Enthusiasm", where she plays herself, or a TV version of herself.

  Would love to compare notes w/anyone else watching this on Hulu!   

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In the most recent season, Jann's impromptu wrestling match with Sarah McLachlan, during which she screams "Who's in the arms of the angel now, bitch?" or words to that effect, might be the single greatest thing I've ever seen on television.

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Agreed the stuff with Sarah M is really funny. She does a cameo in season 2. 

I'm in Canada so maybe ahead. I watched all of season 1 and really enjoyed it.

Season 2 was more hit and miss for me. There were a couple episodes I only watched bits and pieces of bc I found it so awful.

I feel like the storyline with the mom is well done.

I cannot figure out after 2 seasons who the young woman is and how she is related to them. Can't remember her name, it was a while ago I watched. 

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