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Social media baking sensation, Rosanna Pansino, creates viral-worthy challenges in a larger-than-life baking wonderland, complete with every ingredient and tool a baker could dream of! In each standalone episode, brilliant bakers must fill their carts with unique ingredients necessary to build trendsetting cakes and delectable desserts in hopes of impressing Rosanna and her “cake council” and winning $10,000.

Streaming on HBO Max.

I'm a sucker for cooking & baking competition shows so I'm giving this a chance.

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I've been subscribed to Ro's channel for years now, and got her first cookbook at a signing event (back in the before-times.)  She's adorable, if a little hyper, so I wish her all the best.

For anyone interested, but without HBO Max, she posted a full episode on her YouTube channel.


She also did a virtual watch party video for the launch of the show.  That video is also on her channel.

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I'll pretty much watch any skills/talent-based competition show, especially baking, but I wasn't sure from the opening if Rosanna was going to be too much. Nope. I don't care if she's wearing a mesh scrubbies dress or food-themed shoes. She's fun and a good judge and more appealing than I'd ever have guessed. I've seen Donal Skehan years ago and had a general idea he would be good and had the cred, but it's Timbo who's comments I am always waiting for. He's so good! I'd love to see him helm a show that uses the host as a kind of mentor, like School of Chocolate. I always like when Donal and Rossana get silly and he's like the tolerate, but more serious older brother. One episode when he said something like, "I hate that I laughed at that," it cracked me up. He's no sourpuss, but he's just so focused. 

I'm probably two-thirds through and have enjoyed every episode so far.     

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