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[QUESTION, ANSWERED] Problems with Allen v. Farrow thread

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I'm going to make this a question rather than a bug because there's probably a simple explanation.  I just noticed that the Allen v. Farrow thread is not displayed as one of My Shows in the Browse Forums tab although it is correctly listed as one of the threads I follow on the Manage Followed Content page.  So I used the search box on the Browse Forums tab (which I just recommended to another poster) and Allen v. Farrow does not come up.  I have never had a show not come up using that search box.  I then went to the Search Forums tab and did a broad search for Allen v. Farrow and it comes up just fine.   

This just seems weird. 


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Yeah, the way the forum set-up works is; only actual forums or show topics with one of the 'Other' sections will return a result when using the browse forums field. Likewise, only forums or show topics in 'Other' sections can be added to a customised homepage.

As Allen v. Farrow is a thread contained within the HBO Documentaries forum, it cannot be added directly to your homepage. However, it can be followed and found in your followed content section and notifications for the topic may be set if desired.

Hope that helps.


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