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S02.E10: You cannot put a Fire out

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I loved S1, but this season dragged so much; they admit that it had to be contrived because there's little record of this time in Emily's life, but the the shallow episodic tedium (i.e. the spa episode which was lifted word for word from a thousand sitcoms) did not interest me.  The show already told us that Emily's sister never married, but we had to get a season of an obviously doomed courtship that no one took seriously anyway, and Emily's obsessing over getting a single poem published for endless hours was pointless and unnecessary.  The worthwhile parts of this season could have been boiled down to a single 2 hour episode featuring Emily deciding that one published poem was enough and showing her estrangement from and reuniting with Sue.  

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Yeah I agree season 1 was more light and the gimmick of the younger characters speaking in contemporary vernacular was fresh and didn't get too tiresome.

Did Emily Dickinson struggle so consciously with fame?  Because she'd written some poems, she thought if they were published she'd become a celebrity poet of the time?

That's the other thing, they did send ups of Whitman and other more famous 19th century figures in season 1.

The opera episode was okay, again not too crazy about the season theme about fame but the jaded soprano was kind of fun and she acted well on stage -- don't know if she actually sang or lip-synched.


I thought it would end with the start of the Civil War as a cliffhanger.  If they do another season I would check it out but I also think it wouldn't be the worst thing to end it here.

The supporting actors are good, the parents, Vinnie, the maid.

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