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The Dig (2021)

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Netflix released The Dig at the end of January 2021.  It stars Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan.  It is the adaptation of a novel inspired by the discovery of the Sutton Hoo treasure.

This is quiet, contemplative story, but it's an interesting watch.  It's set against the lead up to WWII, and there is some tension because of it.  There is a lot of consideration about life, death, and legacy.

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I had heard of Sutton Hoo but didn’t know anything about it, so this was really educational as well as entertaining for me. I agree that the cast was excellent, although that pompous head archaeologist Phillips bordered on caricature. Of course, as with all historical fiction, I wonder what actually happened and what was invented. Was Rory real, and if so, did he survive WW2 and marry Peggy?

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Thanks for the link. Really interesting! I began to suspect Rory was fictional when I saw that none of the photos in the article were credited to him, and a quick Google search confirmed my suspicion. 

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Thanks @Razzberry!  I did some research after watching this but hadn't read that article.

I thought this was excellent.   The performances were outstanding and since I didn't know what to expect it was full of surprises for me.  The movie was visually beautiful as well; the first shot of the exposed ship's skeleton was fantastic. 

I've seen online people thinking that Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes had romantic chemistry but I didn't feel that - my impression was that Edith was starving for intellectual companionship.    She and her husband were enthusiastic about the mounds and after his death she had no one to share that interest with.  I appreciate that Basil had a solid marriage as well.

I did tear up at Edith's son taking her on a boat trip.  That was really well done.

Though the romance aspect of Peggy's story was fictionalized, I thought Lily James did a great job showing Peggy's own loneliness, hurt and longing.    I also liked that Stuart wasn't a villain; he tried to be the expected husband (bringing flowers, etc) but he couldn't be what he wasn't.


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