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I love the montage of Batman popping out of the shadows scaring the crap out of Commissioner Gordon. C'mon Bats, you're going to give the poor old guy a heart attack one day!

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I got this in my e-mail. Just curious if anyone else here was contemplating going.

ETA: I meant that I already got my admission, mostly because I go to shows in my general vicinity. I've gotten an autograph from Kevin, as well as a pic with him, but I'm usually adverse to that unless I like the person.

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So, there has been "a few" comic books that were drawn in the style of

the 1990s Timm-Verse cartoon.  The comic books also claimed to be "based"

off of the cartoon. First, a comic that (mostly) featured "one-and-done" stories,

then a comic that featured many new characters that were never shown in the cartoon.

It even had (at first) an on-going story-arc that had Bruce (as Matches) infiltrate the False Face Gag (led by Black Mask).  It hilariously had henchman Eel O'Brien (pre Plastic Man) as a mook.  Even Andrea showed up eventually and tried to attack Batgirl.

Now, Volume Three is coming.

DC Comics has announced an all-new Batman Adventures based off of the 1990s cartoon, and drawn in the style.

This comic is going to feature even MORE characters from the "main" Bat-Verse that were never shown in the cartoon, like Jason Todd and Azrael.

The article is even claiming that the main reason they are doing this is to make (and sell) more of the (slightly bigger--- slightly better looking ------ and slightly more expensive than the original 1990s)     collectible figures that they have been selling for a couple of years now.

Well, this is a comic book character; the whole point is to make money, I guess.


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Kevin Conroy reading from Batman: The Adventures Continue:



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