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S36.E07: Die Another Jay

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7 hours ago, lasu said:

Targeting Laurel wasn't a bad move.  Burning her vote and her allies at the last second was beyond dumb, and it obviously gave the other people who voted for Laurel a reason to turn on Theresa, and point Laurel's wrath in her direction.  It was worse than if she had voted with her allies. And then she gets confused and upset when she makes what she feels is a "good move" and people aren't happy about how she made the move.  It's like she thinks if it's a "good move" to lie to Cam about putting her in since it resulted in her goal of getting Ashley out, then Cam and everyone else isn't allowed to be mad about it, and she gets super confused when they DO get mad about it.  That's what I don't understand about her - her complete inability to see what seems obvious.  If she were a rookie, I would get it.  But Theresa is a vet, and what's more, I think she's actually an intelligent vet, so I just don't get it.

Completely agreed!

Basically, she's like Kam shouldn't be mad for going down because Kam beat Ashley like she "planned." It's like shooting someone and saying they shouldn't be mad because they didn't die.

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