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S09.E05. Melissa M's Story LIVE CHAT

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3 minutes ago, kacesq said:

Greetings! I am here for my very first Pounder live chat! Heard good things about it from the 90DF forums,

Welcome! You'll see a lot of the same folks over here so you should feel right at home!

1 minute ago, ams1001 said:

"Weight unknown."

I'm gonna go with 612 again. Cuz why not?

Why is she eating at her dresser?

Because its a rule on this show, no one must eat at a table.

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1 minute ago, Suzywriter said:

I already like Melissa's voice. 


I came in a little late, but am sorta confused... Who is providing the voice over whiny voice?  And when we do here Melissa's voice it sounds different (different volume and pitch even) from scene to scene

Melissa sounds like she wants a job as a motivational speaker in some segments...


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Abusive mom. Check.

Dad left. Check.

Seriously, what's with the eating at the dresser? Why not just eat at the kitchen counter if you can't sit at the table.

Teenage pregnancy/abortion. Check.

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Good grief. She lost her job and dropped out of school. How about get another job and get some financial aid and push yourself to accomplish something instead of sitting around and eating? 

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7 minutes ago, umgoblue said:

Is she making lasagna on the DRESSER?!?!?!? I am only used to cooking on mattresses for this show.

She is standing up to cook.  That's an improvement.

Losing that mother might have been a blessing in disguise. 

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