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An exorcist sent away by the church becomes the local priest of a remote town in Spain, where inexplicable terror begins to plague the idyllic community. The local vet, Elena, and the town's mayor, Paco, form an unlikely alliance to understand the source of the strange and demonic events

Well, that all...happened.  

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I’m watching. Or, rather, watched. Was too shy to be the first one who posted.

Loved it. Which is not to say that I understood most of what went on. I wasn’t much of a fan of the spider baby or subsequent spider creatures:  Maybe it was the CGI, which I found more laughable than scary. Once I learned how to tell Merche and Elena apart, I enjoyed watching their individual development , especially Merche. Is she good?  Is she evil?  That was fun.

Now that I know I’m not the only one who watched, would love to discuss. What’s the spoiler policy for a single-thread show?  I don’t want to comment on the end for people still watching.

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I loved the series but my only question is whether Paco and Elena had a prior friendship / relationship to the events of the show.  Attraction aside they seemed like they were long-time friends, but when he came to her home and she explained that it was her husband in the photograph, that dispelled my theory that they were friends.  I thought perhaps they had a fling after her husband vanished, but that didn't pan out. 

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I just finished episode 3 and am really enjoying this even though the characters can be kind of inconsistent and the way scenes flow sometimes seems choppy. And while the plot is bonkers in a fun way, the horror elements are effective: Sole suddenly cutting through her own cheek, Elena realizing Vergara is a mirror person when she notices his wristwatch runs counterclockwise, the monstrous baby toddling around in the first episode while his adoptive mother coos at him, etc. I love mirror world stories so episode 3 is my favorite so far, especially the scenes with Elena and Paco on the other side of the mirror.

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