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S25.E04: Week 4

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 Matt fights his tendency to put up walls as his journey continues with the 18 remaining women vying for his heart. Emotions in the house continue to run high, as things get physical on two group dates.

Airs Monday January 25 at 8PM EST

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Matt is worried about more women leaving....um, isn’t that the point of the show?

And Victoria is a bitch and can’t leave soon enough.  Of course, Katie was being a little self righteous.  

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Victoria is so .... I think she has no EQ.   She doesn’t get what is wrong with her behaviour.   A conscious, self-aware troublemaker can be fun.  But Victoria is just pathetic.  

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4 minutes ago, tennisgurl said:

Well three seconds in and Victoria is the bad guy again. How much longer must we suffer, Harrison?!? 

Six minutes in and we're continuing to have Victoria shoved down our throats again. She's really bad at playing her role, she doesn't make any sense at all when she talks. PITA.

It would be more fun to hear everyone talking about ... whatever. Anything that doesn't have Victoria or Sarah in the sentence.

So Matt doesn't know what a HUGE big deal hair is for Black women? WTH Matt. Dumbass.

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Can’t remember her name, but the gorgeous tall model is finally having a conversation with Matt. I was so excited, but then like, she like, used the word, like, more than any other words that, like, came out of her mouth. 
The whole not being to complete a sentence without using the word “like” once is bad enough, but every 5th word - yikes.

I’m old, but when I was in Toastmasters decades ago we had someone ring a bell every time you say uh or any hesitation word. I so wish that during high school now, students should have to speak and a bell would ding every time some said like when it was like, inappropriate.

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Is Victoria for real—demanding an apology from Katie because SHE was rude...for calling her out for being rude herself. Say what?!? I don’t understand. She did the same thing to that meek little roommate of hers—running her off for being “rude” when Victoria’s standard mode is rudeness. The hypocrisy! How is no one calling her out for this?!

Yay for Chelsea!

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My television froze up and it took me a minute to realize it because it showed a group of vapid women with fixed smiles and nothing to say.

ETA Matt sounded like a bored customer service rep talking to Witchtoria. ""How may I help you with that?"

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I just love Chris right now for pulling the interruption card on the Queen! I’d been hitting the mute button every time she talked and he saved that wasted time.

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2 minutes ago, Crashcourse said:

I was in Toastmasters too!  

Toastmasters was the best. Every human should be required to take at least one year of it before the age of 15. I don't even think they have Speech in schools any more. Or English classes.

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3 minutes ago, dizzyd said:

I just love Chris right now for pulling the interruption card on the Queen! I’d been hitting the mute button every time she talked and he saved that wasted time.

I guess she isn’t interesting enough to them now...kind of funny they interrupted her to bring in the new women.  Lol

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Just now, TheFinalRose said:

Wow. Matt was leaning away from MJ and Mari during their little conversations. No wonder they cart in new women!

I wonder if Mari had bad breath or something, because he was sure checking her ass when she walked up the steps after she got out of the limo.

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Whoa! Brittany is a little forward there. She’s not here to make friends by making out with him and telling the girls they saved the best for last.

Oh, a Queen of the Universe beats Queen Elsa. I can’t believe Victoria took the crown off of her head!!

These girls are spiraling!!

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Those peg-leg tight pants really accentuate Matt's bone-thin skinny legs. Not a good look.

One of the blond women can't quite fit her teeth inside her upper lip. Not a good look.

If I had been there, I would have told QV to effing keep her grubs to herself and hand back that crown. What's up with this lame-ass group of women who just sit on their asses and let bad behavior rule the room.

Not surprised more women came on. Maybe one or two of them has a personality and some cajones.

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4 minutes ago, alexa said:

He couldn’t handle the process before.  Why do they think he could handle this?  

I think the deal is to make Matt cry. And not Mesnick cry, just sit on the ground and have a good bawl. "Tyler never said it would be like this, *sob cry*"

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