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S19.E02: Frank Figliuzzi, Kmele Foster and Peter Hamby

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The Interview:

Frank Figliuzzi is a former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence and author of “The FBI Way: Inside the Bureau's Code of Excellence.”

The Panel:

Kmele Foster co-hosts “The Fifth Column” podcast and is the Lead Producer and Co-Founder of Freethink. 

Peter Hamby is a Contributing Writer for Vanity Fair and the host of Snapchat's political show, “Good Luck America.”

Original air date 2021.01.22

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You may ask yourself, why is this thread locked?  You may ask yourself, should I start a new topic?  You may say to yourself, it must be a mod mistake; I'll create that now.  You would be wrong.

We have asked repeatedly that people watch the show prior to posting in the episode topic rather than speculating in advance as to what may or may not be covered.  The main reason for this is that it has taken us into political discussion that is off topic and therefore out of bounds. This topic will open when the episode first airs. 

If you have info you would like added to a show topic prior to it being opened or if you have any questions about this policy, please PM @PrincessPurrsALot.  We do not discuss moderator actions in the forums. 

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There were so many shitty opinions and mistruths being said amongst tonight’s panel that I don’t even know where to begin.

How nice that you’d rather not focus on race, Bill. Great white privilege you got going on there. Unfortunately my skin complexion doesn’t afford me such luxuries. 

And Kmele Foster... SMH. Black communities are disproportionately being affected by COVID. We’re not a monolith of course, but a lot of what he said really bothered me because his stats were just flat-out incorrect and inaccurate. Then again, I believe he said something about being a libertarian, so in that context a lot of what he said doesn’t surprise me. 

He also said Joe Biden “Mr. Magoo‘d” his way to the presidency. I mean, he beat out a multitude of candidates and eventually received the most votes in history - both in the primaries and the general election. To discuss how and why that happened would be OT, but Biden definitely deserves more credit than that. 

Also, is Bill gonna go with the jokes about Biden’s age for 4 years straight? The age jokes are repetitive and not all that funny no matter who tells them quite frankly. 

Peter Hamby is really the only one worth listening to on tonight’s panel.

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18 minutes ago, ShellsandCheese said:

Peter Hamby was good. The other panelists not so much. Bill's schtick is really stale. And yeah, we get it, Biden is old — we all know this, don't need to be reminded of it every five seconds.  

Bill being ageist? Snarking on Biden for his age? Nahhh....I can't believe it! LOL. Interesting that Bill never once made an old age joke about his buddy Hugh Hefner when he was alive or Bernie for that matter. Bill hates Millenialls and Gen Zers and mocks Biden for being in his 70's so who does Bill like? Is that all he's got these days? Old man jokes at Biden? What a bore he has become.

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Bill said that MSNBC doesn't cover Trump's overperformance among some minority groups. It's just not true, as I have seen multiple segments on MSNBC talking about it, particularly his performance in the Rio Grande Valley. I think he's mad his buddy and fellow creep Chris Matthews got fired.

Kmele Foster was just full of shit. Race is the most important factor in American life, and has been for four hundred years. It affects almost everything. His dismissal of race is just total nonsense. There is so much scholarship, evidence, and history that tells the exact opposite story. 


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Bill said that MSNBC doesn't cover Trump's overperformance among some minority groups. It's just not true, as I have seen multiple segments on MSNBC talking about it

To add to this, Kmele Foster let it slip pass without saying anything when someone tonight said MSNBC doesn’t invite him on.  The fact is he has been on MSNBC, but I can see why he wouldn’t want to mention that tonight, as unlike Bill Maher, MSNBC actually has put Foster on, but in debate with other black critics and activists, not just a white Vanity Fair writer.   And here was Bill— “Mr. Cancel Culture is bad and how dare you try and silence people” remember— twice deliberately attempting to push Hamby out of the conversation by literally tossing out the term “whitesplaining” so that Hamby can’t challenge what Foster was saying without appearing racist.  Hypocrisy, thy name is Maher.

If you get a chance, look up the 2018 MSNBC debate between Foster and the critic Toure.  It’s a stark contrast between the way Bill handled things tonight with his usual know-nothing cluelessness and the way Toure pushed back against Foster’s misrepresentations with, wait, what are they called?  Oh, yeah, facts.  Would it kill Bill if he wants so bad to have debates on minority issues to maybe have more than one representative of that minority on at the same time?

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4 hours ago, film noire said:

Maher tonight on Covid (a lesser issue in the show b/c I can't even re: the bullshit 'discussion' about race); 

"...but it's also, I think, on the American medical establishment that never told the American people the best way you can handle this is get yourself in better shape, get your immune system better, stop eating shit food and sugar and day drinking. never had the guts to do that. They wouldn't even say the word 'obesity' on television. That would be fat-shaming. The code is now 'precondition.'"

Hey, old white guy? (since ageism is now fair play with you) try keeping up with where we're at in the pandemic.  Covid is currently killing people with low body fat, no preconditions & a Gwyneth Paltrow/Goop-approved diet ("Dear Diary; today I ate micro greens with bee pollen salad dressing and chia croutons - yum! - the whole plate smelled like my vagina candle!") You've spent decades indulging in magical thinking when it comes to disease and death (all of the preceding apparently foiled by not eating sugar and smoking acres of pot - be careful, old man, pot smoking is linked to lung issues, and that's catnip to Covid. Oh, if only doctors had the guts to say it!) The virus doesn't give a fuck about your hobby horse moral prescriptions, hatred of fat people, and self-declared roolz of beating-the-pandemic.  (Me, I hate  people who say stupid things - like you!  - and yet, the medical establishment has not addressed Maherism.  Quo Vadis and hunh? Still,  I don't turn that into a theory of life; I chalk it up to me finding you increasingly moronic and out of touch - due to your own ego precondition - and me wanting my magical thinking to be turned into bedrock fact. Which it is not.)  So thanks for weighing in (no pun intended!) but I'm going to keep spending my Covid-days in a mask, washing my hands, staying six feet apart, and singing (a la Aretha)  "Day drinking and I'm thinking of you! Day drinking and I'm thinking of you!"...while actually, you know, day-drinking.


Thank you!  My thoughts, but said so much better. Why does Bill have such a hatred of fat people? It blinds him to reason. 

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After two years of hearing Bill say "Trump will never leave the White House," I hoped in vain for him to at least acknowledge that he'd been wrong. But no, it's as if he'd never said it at all. 🤨

Yeah, I'm afraid we'll have to endure four years of "old president" jokes. (And not just from Bill -- I'm looking at you, Colbert!) However, I suspect the humor well will be mostly dry for a while. 

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Why was Bill so hung up on the FBI "listening to people" during his interview with Figluizzi? It's like he's still living in the 1970s and is paranoid about wire tapping. The FBI doesn't doesn't need secret surveillance to keep tabs on domestic terrorists. They post their plans right on the open internet.

Bill has some weird ducktail thing going on with the back of his head. I found it very distracting.


Yeah, I'm afraid we'll have to endure four years of "old president" jokes. (And not just from Bill -- I'm looking at you, Colbert!) However, I suspect the humor well will be mostly dry for a while. 

I don't get it. Bill spent most of the primaries railing against ageism, presumably be cause he believed Biden had the best chance of beating Trump. Now that he's in office it's OK to make ageist jokes about him? Nobody ever said Bill wasn't a hypocrite but this one practically gives me whiplash. 

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Bill has some weird ducktail thing going on with the back of his head. I found it very distracting.

I wanted to take a pair of hedge clippers to the back of his head. I found my mind drifting off during that inane panel, but the hair always brought me back to reality.

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8 hours ago, GHScorpiosRule said:

So Frank Figliuzzi was a dud, too? I’ve seen him on other shows and he knew what he was about. Then again, he’s got a book to plug.

He was actually good, I thought. The panel was just completely infuriating to me so the glow wore off. Haha. 

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I found the opening segment with the FBI guy talking about the American Gov't increasing their spying on it's own people to be very disturbing at the potential implications.  My understanding is that it's already being done quite quite extensively by the various gov't intelligence communities.  So I'm not sure what "new" spying requirements are required by the FBI to properly investigate domestic terrorists and various militia groups. I wish Bill would have simply asked Frank Figluizzi how the current laws prevent them from properly investigating terrorists groups and what new laws they want passed.  Simple enough questions.  Slightly off topic, but I checked Frank Figluizzi's twitter feed after the show and he posted a backstage picture from his dressing room.  Looks like the RT guests get served up a whole lot of liquor before the show. What is this ... "the Bachelor/Bachelorette" ? 🙂 

I thought the topics brought up on the panel were interesting enough just the actual discussion was a let down. Interestingly enough Bill Maher brought up again this week Matt Taibbi's quote about the media presenting the news only in the way that their target audience wants to hear it.  This is one topic that I hope he keeps revisiting because I do agree that presenting the news in a one sided way is never a good thing and only contributes to the divisiveness. 

As for Trump forming a successful new party, that would probably ensure the Republicans never win an election again! Seriously though, the panel was going into the direction of the importance of a viable 3rd party.  Not sure it'll ever happen in my life time, but having a viable 3rd choice in the U.S. would force both parties IMO to work together to get things done for the fear of getting voted out.  

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How refreshing is Kmele Foster!  I found him to be an intelligent man with a viewpoint you don’t often see on liberal shows. That’s why I like this show.....it’s one of the few not afraid to show a different viewpoint.

I thought the Figliuzzu was shoveling paranoia and nonsense. And Hamby was shoveling old talking points.

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