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S25.E02: Week 2

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On 1/19/2021 at 6:40 PM, Crashcourse said:

If he's so "broke" and can only afford to pay for essentials, then where did he get the money for that Brazilian wax with Tyler?  Yeah.

A lot of people throw the word broke around. I'm sure I've been guilty of this. I have friends who call themselves broke but they still have money to drink, go out to dinner, go to movies and get their nails done.

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Something about that pink flowered dress (which had to come from Goodwill because stores haven't carried that look for 30 years) added to the bleached hair mug shot, started me feeling sorry for Victoria.  She's like the poor, trashy  girl from the wrong side of the tracks with no idea how to dress or talk, thinking that saying mean things is funny because that's all she's ever known.  The show sunk too low with her. Compared to clever , beautiful villains like  Michelle Money  she's just pathetic.

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12 hours ago, Lamb18 said:

I think she's auditioning for Bachelor in Paradise.

On BiP, could stay only if she were in a "relationship" with a guy.  Therefore, if she got on BiP, I don't think that she would stay very long

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