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S05.E08: Scream for Me

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However, I am a bit peeved how horrible person is nowadays equated with a mental disorder of some kind.


I totally agree and as someone who suffers from a mental disorder that is typically associated with horrible people, it's not something I throw around lightly. However, I truly believe that they are setting Ali up as a sociopath. I'm currently reading a book entitled "Confessions of a Sociopath" and it reads like it could have been written by Ali. The person talks about she views people as pawns and is only interested in someone until they no longer serve a purpose for her needs. She talks about being able to manipulate her emotions to best take advantage of people. She talks about getting people to fall in love with her and using that devotion as a way to gain power over them. Sociopathy is something that is incredibly misunderstood, but from what I know of it, I think Ali fits the definition. Not every killer/rapist/bad person is a sociopath or a psychopath. Just like not every psychopath/sociopath is a killer/rapist/bad person.

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I've also been talking about Ali as a sociopath and don't use mental health terms lightly.


When it comes to Ali, rather than antisocial disorder, I'd got for Robert Hare's concept of psychopathy and the Hare Psychopathy Checklist. Here's the site: http://www.hare.org/ You can also check wikipedia for this as there is a lot of information or, of course, his books. There is also an incredibly detailed description of types of antisocial personality disorder according to various factors on a scale, including level of functioning in society, but for the life of me I can't remember where I read it except that it was a book on personality disorders - which... duh.

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We don't actually know this because Ali still won't tell anyone what is really going on. Just like she had Noel Kahn do the thing in Hanna's house to bolster her story, she could have set everything else up. Hell, Ali could have been the one who killed Bethany, & if it comes down to it, her mother too. The more she lies, the more I disbelieve everything.

I was about to post this. We have pieces, but what do we know? Really know for sure? I'm not sure that Ali didn't kill Brittney and just run away. Maybe that's why Mrs. D hit her and coveted it up because she was trying to stop Ali from killing whoever Brittney is. Ali didn't get found until she wanted to be found so I'm not sure how much I trust anything she's told anyone at this point.

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Oh, cool, the research information is quote interesting, thanks for sharing. No, I was not talking just to @M1977G but a bit more in general, it is quite trendy in many, many shows to use labes like that (ahem.. Sherlock).


The examples are pretty neat and I do agree there are many aspects that are suspiciously the same as the traits presented by Ali.

We shall see, won't we? :)

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