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Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

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I was a little dubious about a second season with a different cast, but this news makes me extremely excited--brilliant idea, going back to Lou's case. Now I can't wait for season 2!

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I realize that Lorne Malvo was not a part of the Sioux Falls crime spree.  However, it would be entirely awesome if TPTB figure out a way to show a vignette or two of a 20-30 something Malvo stirring "stuff" up wherever he may have been.   Perhaps even a side arc showing Malvo's "development" as a criminal - and his mentor, if any! 

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I think we all got spoiled by the great BBT.  While I'm thrilled that Fargo will return, I'm sure going to miss his incredible portrayal of such an evil, fascinating character. Introducing a young Lou will help me (a little) adjust to the lack of repeat characters in Season II.


Wed. night I caught the Key & Peele show.  Now I know why so many Fargo fans were going on about how much they loved these two guys. I'd never seen them before the episode where they played FBI agents fighting in the car over fast food (I was totally bewildered by it all) as a massacre was taking place across the street. Can't wait to watch their show again - they are too hilarious, creative and wonderful!

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If they do cast Joel Kinnaman as Young Lou, then I'm definitely in.

Is there anything concrete about Joel Kinnaman for Fargo? I had to stop watching The Killing early in season 2 even though I adored his character.
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I think we all got spoiled by the great BBT.



He was great but for me, this show was so great because BBT wasn't the reason to watch.  And I don't mean that in a bad way.  He was used just enough.  His omnipotent villain didn't take over the series.  The show didn't seem to create crazy unnecessary scenes for him to be in just to give him more to do.  He played the catalyst perfectly. 


Keith Carradine, Allison Tomlan and Martin Freeman were equally as responsible for me wanting to watch as Billy Bob.  And Key & Peele, and even Kate Walsh's brief appearances.  It was just well done overall which is why, while I'll miss these characters and performances, I'm excited to see what is created for the next season--which is too far away. 


Is there anything concrete about Joel Kinnaman for Fargo?



The show is probably 6-7 months away from the beginning of production. I would be surprised if we got casting info this far in advance.  I do think he'd be great, however. 


So, are we going to see the Nygaard brothers as kids?


Unlikely.  The show is going to take place in Sioux Falls, SD and Luverne, MN, which is 30 miles from SF.  The last season took place in Bemidji, which is where the Nygaards grew up, and is about 300 miles away from Luverne. But you never know.  If he wants to connect the seasons, he could have the characters play a cameo.  Duluth wasn't exactly close to Bemidji either.

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Press release for more cast: looks like it's going to be Patrick Wilson who will play a young Lou.  Ted Danson is going to be his father in-law, and Jean Smart is the matriarch of a crime family.  Interesting choices.


Also got some big names for the guest characters: both Jeffery Donovan and Nick Offerman have been officially confirmed, and Brad Garrett and Kieran Culkin are also going to be appearing.

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Gotta say, I'm kind of freaking out about season 2. My hometown, Luverne, is the setting (along with Sioux Falls, 25 miles to the west in South Dakota). You can't even imagine how tickled people are even though absolutely zero filming is scheduled to happen there. It's going to be a lot of fun to watch...with some hope that we don't get made fun of for being too backwards. I was born in 1977 and the story is set in 1979, whenever a toddler is on screen I'm just going to pretend that it's me back in the day.


[And you watched Ken Burns's series on WWII, The War, you have already seen Luverne there--it was one of the four towns in which the experiences of the war were told. Kind of wild that a town of 4,000 in the middle of the prairie has had these two pretty significant film/TV pieces within the last ten years!]

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‘Fargo’ filming expected to cause traffic delays in northeast Calgary

CALGARY – Drivers may find some routes in the city’s northeast more congested than usual on Wednesday [February 25] as dozens of well-known stars begin filming scenes for the television show Fargo.… Cast and crew will be in the area of McKnight Boulevard and Edmonton Trail N.E. from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. on Wednesday.


The show was being filmed in Kensington on Tuesday, and had previously been shot in the community of Inglewood.

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returndates.com/news.php?id=697 has "around fall 2015."

I know...that's why I'm confused.  Last spring or early summer, I believe I read that the next season for Fargo would be in April 2015 so here I've been, joyfully awaiting my next Fargo fix in April.  Bad enough that Downton Abbey is over with for the year...now I have to wait until fall for Fargo.  Not good...not good at all. Grump!

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The link Rhetorica posted above says:

The second season of Fargo is slated to begin production on Monday, [January 19, 2015,] with the 10-episode anthology miniseries expected to premiere in the fall.


Shooting only started nine weeks ago.


Edited to add this tidbit from the article:

“It’s a big sprawling, in some ways, more comedic [season], though at times, a very serious show. It’s set in the late ’70s against the backdrop of Ronald Reagan’s first campaign for President of the United States. Reagan is a character in it.”


After the panel, Landgraf confided to EW that Fargo will actually be casting the role of Reagan, not using archival footage. “Reagan will be interacting with our characters,” he said, noting that the role has not yet been cast.

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Geek lord Bruce Campbell has been cast as Republican demigod Ronald Reagan in the upcoming second season of the FX drama Fargo.


Man...  Corporate liberal media bias doesn't give an inch.

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