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S09.E01: Samantha's Story LIVE CHAT

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At nearly 1000 pounds, Samantha is dangerously close to dying.  To make matters worse, she's paid to eat by making videos online. If Samantha doesn't overcome her toxic relationship with food, she worries that she will leave her daughter motherless.

Welcome back, Pounder!  Season 9 starts with Samantha, a woman tipping the scales at close to 1,000 pounds who makes a living through eating.  Let's see where this season takes us.

We have a hint on the guess the poundticpants's weight game.  

Original air date 2020.12.30

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2 minutes ago, aliya said:

Pounders, Pounders, Pounders! I am so glad to be back with my people!  I hope everyone and their family has held up well during the pandemic.  As of November, I am a first time nana! 9 lbs 14 oz! A big boy, who will be helping out his parents by getting a job soon.


12 20 20.jpg

Aww, what a sweet baby face @

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Just now, Christina said:

Assanti ran me off from this show, but I'm giving it another shot tonight.

Come back to the loving arms of your fellow Pounders. Here, have some tater tot casserole. 

@aliya, congratulations and thank you for sharing that adorable pic! What a cutie!

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Samantha Mason, age 35.    I didn't catch her hometown.    I'm surprised that the show put her last name on there.   

I hope she's a total success.   35, and I'm so afraid for her health.  

How sad to grow up in a household with an abusive alcoholic.    She was always huge.   So the mother sent the two girls with the abusive alcoholic father?    There wasn't any other answer?   From that picture of the family, and next family, everyone was rather overweight.  

300 by 12.    400 by 17 and dropped out of school.    Pregnant by 17, and close to 500 lbs.  Broke up with the kid's father two weeks after the baby was born.  By 20 her father died in a motorcycle wreck.    

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1 minute ago, Pepper Mostly said:

We just got an air fryer too! My husband is busting to make some wings. Was it easy?

I got an air fryer as well!  Not that it’s helped me to stop eating of course.

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I swore I would finish dinner by 8 tonight.  Almost succeeded.   My eating habit is taco soup and half of a German Pretzel baguette with rock salt and butter.   And later, a handful of oreos.

I guess I will just follow along as Mr TWoPper has the large tv to watch the Cotton Bowl.  I am permitting this as we spent the afternoon at a follow-up appointment  for his ear surgery/skin graft.   He deserves a break.  We are both exhausted from the trip to the medical building because he is temporarily using a walker.   So glad the building has a valet service, because I hate parking 10 stories in the air.  We are both a bit wiped out.

I guess I could watch on my laptop,  but I really prefer watching this show on the large screen tv.

Sight unseen, I guess her weight at 908

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4 minutes ago, sagittarius sue said:

Glad to be back with my fellow Pounders!  I'm feeling rusty at Live Chat as I dropped out of 90DF out of disgust.

TLC running the same promos and ads every break gets old FAST! 1000 Sisters, Thinx !!!!!!

No I don't want to thinx about it.

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Just now, Pepper Mostly said:

Looks like I'll have to draft another bingo card-I know I don't have "has to scrub dangly bits with scrub brush" on any of the other ones. 

add a square for "... or something"

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