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S03.E10: From Paradise to Hell and Back

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Yavalla's strength is tested as Wren, her own daughter, confronts her as Janzo, Talon and Zed attempt an assassination. Meanwhile, Tobin's loyalty is questioned.

Airdate: December 13, 2020

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  • Didn't die from the pumpkin bomb. Who's surprised?? Anyone??? Raise your hand... Yep not me either...
  • She seems to have gone a bit cray cray.
  • So it's ok that everyone will die because Yavalla will have all their memories in her head?
  • If everyone gets infected, everyone will die. Is Yavalla ok with being the last person alive?


  • I totally thought he had given up and was going to take the kinj. So good job show you surprised me!
  • Love when he was all "are you crazy I don't have my lab I can't make you a new bomb"  "Oh wait I can" and then he rattles off a list of thigs nobody understands.
  • Poor Janzo he felt horrible about Munt.


  • It seemed to me that he hesitated to kill Janzo when he was ordered to kill them all. 


  • Is thank you in his vocabulary? I mean rude not to thank Janzo for the pumpkin bomb.
  • Zed and Talons adventure didn't lead to anything. I am disappointed.


  • Not much to say. It's obvious to me that she will take the black kinj.
  • The question is who will she give her purple kinj too?
  • I bet her dad is still alive and has the black kinj. 


  • Well he told Gwynn that he's with Talon, so I guess that's him showing us he actually cares about Talon? 
  • Still don't believe him. I think he actually feels that Gwynn isn't meant for him.
  • However, talk about arrogant Gwynn just wants to give him a hug and Garrett thinks she wants him back.
  • I guess it's an improvement season 1 Garrett would have been with Talon and also tried to get back together with Gwynn.
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