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S01.E07: Day Fifteen

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A tidal surge forces the castaways to relocate their camp. Still suspicious of the island and how they got there, Leah turns her paranoia on one of the other girls, viciously accusing her of knowing more than she’s letting on. In flashback, Jeanette’s astonishing backstory is unveiled.


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And Shelby goes for it! I appreciated that last *look* on her face at the end - rescue seems to have come just when she crossed her big personal boundary, and now she'll have to deal with that. I'm honestly surprised that Toni is so receptive towards her, or at least nice. 

Martha's dream sequence at the beginning was so weird and so fun. And the show doesn't seem to be hiding that Dot is the operative at all at this point, which makes me suspicious. Is it going to be someone totally out of left field, like Martha? Maybe I'm overthinking it, lol.

Linh's fate was just so heartbreaking to me. All she wants is to make Gretchen proud. And as for Gretchen - I'm not really surprised to learn the purpose of the experiment, but it seems such a deranged way to prove that women are better suited to lead societies. Surely it depends on the girls and the circumstances. Not to mention, if her whole thesis is that women are inherently more collaborative and constructive, then it is pretty ironic that she is just about the most destructive person on that show. And let's be serious, no one who believes that men are better leaders is going to be swayed by this bizarre experiment! But whatever, Gretchen's thought processes are not exactly like normal people's. Oh, and I am curious to see if she has a comparable group of teen boys on another island somewhere to compare. Honestly, if this is a legit experiment, she should have multiple groups of both boys and girls on their own islands - you can't prove anything from an experiment on only one group. I wonder if in the end we'll find out there's a whole nightmare archipelago. 

I am so curious about the next ep because there is no way that they are really being rescued - whatever terrible thing happened to Nora hasn't happened yet, and Rachel still has both hands (although I'm wondering if Nora biting her on the wrist will be the reason she loses the hand - like it gets really infected and has to be amputated). 


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