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S04.E12: Road to the Finals / S04.E13: The Season 4 Finale - Last Mask Standing

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Meh. As I saw it, the Sun was pretty much declared the winner at the very beginning of the season.  That's fine since I don't really care who wins/won, I just like the unmasking.  Am kinda getting over the over the top at times drama of the 2 women.  Hope the next season is better.


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Good for Leann she certainly deserved to win, even if it felt like she was declared the winner the second she stepped on stage so it felt like this was just a formality. But I guess that does sometimes happen with actual professional singers. I have no idea why, but the fact that Leann's hair matches her Sun costume so well makes me laugh. 

They did have a really good crop of singers this season, in another year any number of the top five could have won. 

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17 hours ago, MsTree said:

Congrats to Leann. We all knew it was her and we all knew she would win. Very happy for her, but still think Taylor should have been singing along side of her in the finale.

It shows here they don’t need to “fix” the results because people think it’s time for a woman to win. LeAnn was the best singer this year, so the right person won.

 I think that’s two women in a row now, so maybe they can return to a legitimate best singer wins.

 The last note she sang sealed it that Sun was LeAnn. It reminded me of “Blue”.

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