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S02.E06: Chapter Fourteen - The Tragedy

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55 minutes ago, Peace 47 said:

He’s obviously all-in at this point, although I do agree the kidnapping aftermath reads oddly insofar as his willingness to dismiss Boba Fett and Fennec.

Yeah, that was odd for sure. My interpretation of it now is that Mando was reeling and in shock from the loss of Grogu and the Razor Crest and couldn’t quite wrap his head around Boba and Fennec being there/actually helping when his whole world had imploded so he just said what was probably the only thing that he could think at the moment - “The kid is gone.” 

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3 hours ago, Peace 47 said:

But why did Din “swear” right after Grogu actually completed the task of pulling the ball, like he (Din) was frustrated?  I wasn’t really tracking that.  Grogu was able to do what he asked, and Din quickly clarified that he thought Grogu did well and that he wasn’t mad.  Was he hoping that Grogu wouldn’t be able to do it?  I know a few seconds later Din said to Grogu that he couldn’t train him, because Grogu was too powerful.  Did it just strike him with clarity at the moment that Grogu “performed” that he had no idea how to help him?  I was a little unclear on the emotion in that moment.

I interpreted it exactly like you did.  He realized that Grogu has to go with a Jedi, because Din won't be able to help him.  Din can keep him safe and raise him well enough, but this little guy has powers and abilities that are way beyond Mando.  If he's to harness those, he couldn't stay - and that broke Mando's heart.

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Heh, now I’m back on the fence about his reaction in the opening scene in light of this discussion!  Din started to say right after first “swearing” and then quickly reassuring Grogu, something like, “It’s just that when the nice lady said you had training, I thought ....” And he never completes that thought, but it didn’t seem like a particularly happy point.  “When the nice lady said you had training, I thought maybe I wouldn’t have to hand you over to a Jedi if I could train you the rest of the way myself”?  (But that doesn’t make sense in light of what he says next immediately about Grogu being too powerful for Din to help him.) 

He was so happy and so proud when Grogu pulled the ball on the planet, and so I now get the point that @Llywela made that perhaps the outburst was like, “Hell yeah!” and maybe the end of his sentence was, “I thought for a second that I could train you myself since you pulled the ball on my command, but reality crashed in 2 seconds later, and I can’t help you the way you need to be helped.”  It’s interesting to consider.

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Look at Mando the proud dad! His son has a new trick!

Surely seeing Imperial Cruisers shouldn’t be a surprise – even if the Emperor is dead and the Empire fell, the ships would still be around.

Hey, no fair – Stormtroopers were using tactics! OK, they still got mown down, but they actually used mortars and heavy weapons to flush out an entrenched enemy.

I’m sure there’s a good reason why Darth Fring didn’t blast Slave-1 out of the sky (or at least try to). Is he trying to turn Groku to the Dark Side?

On 12/5/2020 at 4:20 AM, arc said:

Luke Skywalker purposefully cut himself off from the Force for a while

True, but not yet. At this point he’s training Ben Solo (Kylo Ren), since he was at least in his teens when he turned to the Dark Side (and he can’t have been conceived prior to RotJ)

On 12/5/2020 at 8:31 PM, Kel Varnsen said:

Would it have mattered? If the spear survived, why wouldn't his armour that was made from the exact same material?

Maybe, but it’s made of multiple pieces that probably would split apart in the explosion. The spear (seems to be) one piece so much likelier to survive in tact.

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This episode began nicely.  It was interesting to see Yoda in deep concentration with the Force.   He seemed to be able to control his powers a bit more once he was captured so maybe he will be able to cause more trouble for his captors.

Overall, the episode was a tad frustrating to watch.  Mando gate-guarding the armor was a little annoying and fighting with those two kept his attention off protecting the Child.  As  many said, it made no sense that Mando wouldn't notice the blue connection to the sky had broken, even if he had turned around once or twice after he left the Child.  

I was surprised they completely destroyed Mando's ship like that.  Hopefully, there's a replicate somewhere since it has become a big part of the show.

I don't want to see that bald evil guy from last season again.  Surely, the New Republic should be told about Moff Gideon and his experiments and how he kidnapped the Child who knows the Force.  If Mando wants Grogu rescued, the more eyes the better, and who knows, maybe someone in the New Republic knows a Jedi.  I guess this show wants to keep Mando as a lone cowboy, but it doesn't make much sense in this new scenario.

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