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Watched this avidly when it was on but I don't think the BBC ever screened the final 2 seasons. I remember being shocked when they killed off the professor although I always had the theory that the man who was shot was actually his dodgy duplicate from the dimension in 'Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome' and it was the real professor who ran towards them missing the slide. Still, he got off better than poor Wade who got shipped off to be an alien sex slave breeder and eventually returned as a floating head in a jar who is then killed off (that'll teach the actress to demand equal pay with her male co-stars!).

Just watched the final ep and it left me with mixed feelings, Remmy, Maggie, Diana and Mallory arrive on a world where they are celebrities and even have a tv show based on their adventures, due to a psychic who has witnessed all their travels and turned them into objects of pop culture. Remmy injects himself with the Kromag killing virus and makes one last slide to his home dimension in order to free it from them even though the seer who has had accurate visions of all their adventures assures him he will inevitably die if he does. The others are left wondering as to his fate and that of Colin Mallory who may still be on another world but are free to live out their lives in comfort in the civilized reality they are now stranded in. It wasn't the perfect ending but it was satisfying enough, brave show to kill off its' entire original cast, none of the initial quartet surviving.   



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