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RHOC: Mod Notes - This is the World in Which We Live

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Posting in the RHOC forum?  What you need to know:

  • Primetimer's main rule in BE CIVIL.  That means if you disagree, do so respectfully.  Remember that we are working in a written medium that makes misunderstanding more likely.  If you're getting riled up, take a beat before you respond.
  • If you've made your point, move on.  No thread should become a debate between two or three posters.  That's when you should realize you're not going to agree.  It happens in the forums just like it happens in life.  In both places, you will not get a cookie for getting the last word.
  • Remember that someone disagreeing with you is just that, adults on a forum disagreeing about a matter of opinion.  If you think someone has stepped over the line in the way they disagreed, report it.  If their post is within bounds, let it lie.  Civil disagreement is not a personal attack, someone disallowing your opinion, or someone "stealing your words". Your words and their words can coexist.  Be Dr. Moon mellow, not Shannon stressed. 
  • Primetimer allows the discussion of hot topic political issues if they are raised on a show.  We do not allow the discussion of politics or political figures unless they are discussed on a show.  Even then, discussion is limited to what was said on the show.  Do not discuss the supporters of any politician or political group. This includes assigning nicknames to politicians or their supporters. 
  • Episodes happen in episode time only.  Do not post future information taken from social media or the housewives appearances on other shows (e.g., WWHL) unless you are in a non-episode thread devoted to that topic. Discuss the episode in the bubble of time in which it exists.

Follow the rules or we'll show up at your home to steal the frosting bow off of your cake.  Break them again and Dr. Deb will visit you to provide her special brand of emotional support. 

Questions?  PM @PrincessPurrsALot directly.  We do not discuss moderator actions in the forums.

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