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Questions about the Chicago PD Show

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Just started watching the Chicago PD show this year (watched many of the previous season episodes). I have read a lot about it, and enjoy the characters, storylines, and overall drama. I do have some questions that I though some of the more die hard fans could address:

1. Is the "Intelligence Unit" suppose to be for the whole department o just for the "21st District"?  I know the show focuses only on the seven primary characters [of the unit], but if that's what makes up the Intelligence unit, that's really small. They don't seem even show any other "background" people supposedly working in the unit.  

2. Why is Hank Voight is only a Sergeant?  I would think he would be at least a Lieutenant if in charge of the "Intelligence Unit".  But he is only supervising six people, I guess that aligns with being a Sergeant? I know the show also makes him out to have gritty history with the department, so perhaps promotion is not in his cards?  But he is in charge of a high profile unit. 

3. I see that some of the character's in the unit are called "Officer..... and some called Detective.....). I thought everyone the Intelligence unit is a Detective? Sounds like at least Burgess, Ruzek, and Atwater are [rank] Officer, whereas the other are Detective?  I know Burgess's  character was a patrol officer early in the show. Perhaps it's a mix.  Most if the unit are young, so they may not have had time in grade to make detective.  

4. Why does the Intelligence Unit seem to get involved (as lead) in cases that would typically be handled by either Narcotics, Robbery, or Homicide units?  I guess I'm not sure what the Intelligence unit's primary mission is? They seem to be all over the place in the series.  

5. Does Voight report directly to the [Department] Superintendent? Seems in many of the episodes he takes his business directly to the top cop. The show does include other lesser ranks, like Deputy Superintendent, Chiefs, Captains, etc.. Who does Voight actually report to procedural wise [in the show]? 

I know  the show is "Made for television" so there will be things that aren't really accurate or even make any sense, but I thought I would through it out there.

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