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Coincidentally, I just started watching this show this week! Although I love Jonathan Groff, I had avoided this show until now because I am a wuss and I thought that it would be too scary. Now that we're nine months into quarantine/stay at home and there's a dearth of tv shows to watch, I decided to give this show a cautious try. Thankfully, my paranoia was unfounded and the show hasn't scared the crap out of me (yet?).

I'm almost done with the first season and one thing I have to say is that they really nailed that late 70s music that's always in the background. Unfortunately for me, they've used just about every song I hate from that era to the point where it's making me laugh every time another song plays.

What's really interesting to me is that although this show is set in 1977, only 30 years ago, the FBI and police are so quick to dismiss anything even remotely related to psychology. Nowadays it's much more commonplace to explore the perpetrator's motives in the course of the investigation. And as they have shown with some of the cases they've helped with, understanding the murderer's mindset often leads to finding the murderer.

I'm near the end of S1 right now. I started out not liking Holden's girlfriend Debbie because she seemed like she was trying too hard to be the cool college girl. I started liking her more as the season went on, but it became clear that she and Holden were beginning to have communication issues. I was also not a fan of Holden becoming so obviously jealous of her colleague Patrick. He drove her home and that's enough to get jealous about? Sheesh, Holden. And then he got jealous again when he found out that Debbie and Patrick were working on a project together. There are only so many people in her graduate program and she shouldn't have to limit herself to collaborating with females just to keep him from feeling threatened.

One thing I liked (even though it also creeped me out) was how affable some of the criminals were. It made for more entertaining interactions between them but it also showed why so many criminals aren't immediately caught or suspected: many of them have friendly/charming demeanors which is how some of them lure their victims in and/or convince the police that they weren't involved. Too many people want to believe that all murderers are creepy ugly perverts who are obviously repugnant upon first sight, but that isn't true.

I was shocked that the elementary school principal was so insistent on refusing to stop tickling his students' feet. I know it was the 70s, but WHAT THE HELL, MAN? Even though tickling someone's feet isn't illegal, it's still inappropriate for a principal to use as a regular tactic with multiple students. And I don't care WHAT if is you're doing - if a parent says not to do XYZ physically with their child, it's really in your best interest to stop. This isn't a sport like gymnastics where you have to make physical contact in order to coach them properly, give corrections, provide spots for safety, etc. There is no fucking reason why any adult needs to tickle multiple children's feet, and any adult who refuses to stop immediately raises my hackles. That doesn't necessarily mean he's secretly molesting them, but it does mean that he knows he is making parents uncomfortable and he doesn't give a shit which is not a great attitude for an educator.

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Rewatching this now.  I had forgotten how barren and cold it must be inside the soul of Dr. Wendy Carr.  Season 2, episode 8:

You want honesty?  You're not who you think you are.  You're not free.  And you're not some enlightened being who's living her life to a higher standard.  You're a bartender ... who takes relationship advice from bus stop magazines.

Said, mind you, with even less humanity than:

You're neither.   You're an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill.



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