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S02.E04: Chapter Twelve - The Siege

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I was hoping that somehow, IG-11 would have been restored.  Or that maybe an IG-12 made an appearance and joined Mando in his quest.  IG-88 was always my favourite of the bounty hunters when I was growing up.

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Gina Carano is almost distracting with how bad her acting is, so it's unfortunate she's clearly around for a while longer.

I love how Stormtroopers on land speeders are chasing at one speed but then also have a magical extra fast speed they just don't use in the first place...

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On 11/20/2020 at 10:53 AM, magdalene said:

Dear Mando, is it really a good idea to make a toddler attempt wiring?

That scene was so adorable and funny--Mando patiently trying to explain over and over and then his deadpan frustration when inevitably the Baby touched the two wires together.

On 11/22/2020 at 9:46 PM, tkc said:

Casual Friday for this Imp, around 18:54 into the episode...


That's The Mandalorian's "Starbucks cup left on the set" moment.

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Well I made my first best friend at age 4 when I shared a chocolate donut with a girl I’d just met.

so yeah while technically the older boy doesn’t HAVE to share it’s disturbing that he can look at a hungry sweet face pleading and say no.

similarly you don’t have to pet a dog when it asks, or give a quarter to a homeless person.

I would say the older boy is exhibiting absence of empathy, regardless of how “right” he is. (Again, dog. Homeless person.)

ir was clear he had a whole PACK of cookies. 

poor baby Yoda is always hungry. 

he seems more like 3 than 5 so I would say it’s not ten years to 1, maybe uneven aging like very slowly and then speeded up?


I REALLY don’t want the tracking to be a double cross. I hate that plot device. 

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Dune looked like she bulked up since we last saw her. 

How many people were on that Imperial base? It seems like they could have just taken the base. I agree, there's a lot of valuable equipment they could sell. 

I'm kind of wondering what these scattered imperial bases are doing. They must know they lost. I figured a bunch of the troopers would have just walked away. 

I loved the TIE battle, but they were in a canyon. Carl Weathers should have been just shooting at the walls to mess with their navigation than waiting for a target lock on the gun. 

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Shouldn’t you teach your kid to talk before teaching him electrical repair!?

“There’s no guard rail!” Well, that’s Imperial safety for you...

“You’re from Alderaan – did you lose anyone?” Well let’s see – the planet blew up so I’d say that’s pretty bloody likely!

On 11/20/2020 at 5:16 PM, dwmarch said:

I thought the blue guy was toast but he actually made it through to the end.

He had “Redshirt” written all over him. I was amazed he made it too - though I thought he would have "worked off" all his sentence and then die (a variation on the old "One day until retirement" death trope).

On 11/22/2020 at 8:51 PM, Gummo said:

Also, for a defeated empire, there sure are a lot of active Imperial bases and soldiers still out there. But I guess it's a big galaxy.

It’s only a couple of years after RotJ and Empires take a long time to fall (in the old SWEU, they were still fighting Imperial Remnants 30+ years later, IIRC).

On 11/23/2020 at 12:42 AM, Dani said:

I felt for that kid. Here he is enjoying his delicious treat surrounded by kids around the same age and he ends up with an adorable toddler given him sad eyes over his snack. I’ve been it that position and it’s uncomfortable.

Sometimes it pays to be a cold hearted bastard. Sod empathy, I want my biscuits!

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This episode was a detour but it was very enjoyable to see the team together again working to defeat that so-called inactive base.  I didn't think that much time had passed since the season premiere.  Cara and Greef sure worked fast, even establishing a school?  

Baby Yoda was entertaining in this one, with his attempt to fix the wiring (I guess he does understand what "red" means), drinking soup with Mando and macaron stealing.  

I'm glad the blue guy survived, too.  I almost forgot who he was even though I have been binging this show.

I guess it's inevitable a tracker is used on a Star Wars show.  Hopefully Mando realizes sooner rather than later.  They should thank that scientist guy for not taking so much blood as to kill the "asset".  Mando was so incredulous that Moff Gideon was still alive.  Maybe next time double check when it's a big bad.  

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