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S05.E01: My Corona

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My guess is that they realized with fewer episodes in the season, fewer extras as well as fewer guest cast members, they suddenly had more room in the budget and they spent it licensing a bunch of classic rock songs. It's the only thing I can think of that makes sense. This episode of Bull reminded of the Mad Men episode "The Crash." It had the same druglike feel to it. Cristopher Jackson is fantastic at lip-synching.

It's strange seeing Michael Weatherly go from It Takes a Thief era Robert Wagner to Hart to Hart era Robert Wagner. Michael Weatherly is getting older, and yet still manages to look almost exactly like Robert Wagner even as he ages.  

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3 hours ago, TVForever said:

Were they implying that Bull was sick with Covid?

I have to assume so.  At least until we're told differently!


I............really didn't like the episode.  Even though the ridiculousness turned out to be Bull's fever dream, I couldn't get it out of my head that this was some sort of Michael Weatherly vanity project, and that just really turned me off.  They really shouldn't have had the creepy CGI baby in the opening scene, that also wigged me out so much I couldn't get into the rest of the plot.

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The sad thing is that the main tip that it was all a fever dream (the surprise about how court was now going to work, like true professionals wouldn't have found all that out already) which would normally have made me go hmmmm was so typically Bull that I believed it was real! When you're so used to the characters being wildly unprofessional you know there's a problem. 

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Not a popular opinion here, but I really did not like this episode. I'm not a fan of the 'burst out in song' and 'dream sequence' episodes. Even as a fan of Ally McBeal I always cringed during those parts!

Of course, I agree with all of you that the baby's eyes were freaky af!! I did not need to see that. they didn't have to show the baby's face. Astrid (?) has a future in horror films....

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