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S01.E03: FILE #3

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Shea and LeBlanc head to Dartmouth to investigate neXt's whereabouts, which are potentially linked to Biomotion Labs. There, they visit LeBlanc's friend, Professor Richard Pearish for answers. Meanwhile, Shea, Ethan and Ty take extra precautions to disconnect from electronics and the Internet, and LeBlanc urges Abby to do so, as well, but neXt complicates their plans.

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I'm confused - FILE #3 is already available on t*rr*nts and has been for some time although that is definitely not where I got it from. 😑

It's probably the best episode so far - I won't spoil it but there is one plot device in it that I thought was very clever, but it's all still very... flat. Shea has no personality whatsoever and Roger Sterling's snark was so much better written in Mad Men.


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