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Book vs. Movie vs. Show: What Did They Do Last Summer?

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I understood that they needed to upp the Gore, but it was such bullshit they aged David Egan from a child to a grown man, and then had it turn out they didn't even kill him. Absolving them of any guilt feels like crap. I also wish they had kept the fact that everyone was doing well, on the surface. Helen as a local tv news personality with a nice apartment (though this would kind of be unlikely in present day for an 18-year old), and Julie getting into Smith. That said, I think the movie should have made Helen the final girl because she actually had character growth and a story in a way that Movie Julie did not.

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I remember listening to the Teen Creeps podcast episode about this book and was surprised to find out that the 2010(?) edition had been updated to include cell phones. I think it was mostly excuses for why they couldn't be used, like the battery died or it was left at home or whatever. Weird, and seems like it would be annoying to keep coming across those kinds of workarounds.

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