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S01.E11: Idol -The Struggle for Trost, Part 7

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This episode, the military led by Pixis follows up on Armin's idea, using Eren as a weapon for humanity. This involves Eren transforming into a titan and lifting the bolder and plugging the whole. Meanwhile, the military is going to afford him support and a distraction. That said, there are other battles the military must fight...fear, desertion and survival.


I've been meaning to put this out there, but since Pixis is now a full fledged actor in the series... It seems his design has generated controversy, to say the least. I think the series really takes off with this next series of episodes.


Not surprised that Eren would try to swat Mikasa as a titan. I like her, but she is somewhat annoying. Also, Eren was outted as a titan to everyone. Das, the guy who was going to kill himself last ep, was quite the catalyst of fear, no? I am a little surprise none of the other cadets in his class freaked out either. Sasha seemed to go there, but she held her peace.

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There are so many soldiers shown in the crowd that I wasn't sure it was Sasha. I suppose it probably was though.

Pixis (in my head he's General Peixes) really gave a good speech, didn't he? It was practically Henry V or Churchill.

Eren had a green glint in his eyes - that can't be good. Maybe that's what the problem is.

So how long before people start asking if any other humans can turn into Titans? I wouldn't give it much longer after the battle of Trost is over.

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I am assuming it was Sasha. One of Pixis' assistants did look a little bit like her, later on in the episode. My vision is truly awful though. It helped that she spoke again too. :)


I do agree about Pixis' speech though. If I had any doubts about his character, they were blown away by his "ATTENTION!!!" The military in this universe certainly attracts some "eccentrics," to say the least. 

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Another talkity talk-talk episode. About all that really happened is Eren going Titan and trying to swat Mikasa, which I've been tempted to do myself a few times.


"The fate of humanity rests on your shoulders!" So, no pressure then. I also would not have expected Pixar...uh, Pixis to use the word "schlepping" when outlining the current operation.


Did anyone else here yell at the blond idiot with the glasses to shut up? No? Just me then. It was like she was trying to talk Eren out of saving the city. Judgmental twit.


I got that shot of the Atlas pose that I mentioned wanting last time, so I guess I'm happy.


No one's mentioned it here yet (I think), so I'll point out now that Eren's last name means "hunter" in German.

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I think Pixis might be my new favorite character, controversy notwithstanding. To be honest, I've liked him ever since he filled his flask with that noble's presumably expensive booze and left him sniveling in his wake. I love an eccentric, especially if they are a charismatic badass with a silver flask to boot. Pixis's speech was riveting, unlike the shrill speeches from last week. I felt like there was more going on, less talk about doing things, though there was some of that.

Though I like her, I laughed when ErenTitan 1.0 went for Mikasa. It was both unexpected and not. Unexpected, because apparently like many of the characters I wasn't really thinking that he'd attack. Damn that Pixis, making believe in the impossible. Expected because she was being hella naggy and annoying. Hopefully, she now knows not to piss him off before goes full on Titan mode.

Yes, I totally yelled at the annoying blonde twit to shut the hell up. He's not some green cadet, lady. Geez.

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