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Sunday Night Classic NCIS

Twilight Man
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Wow, the very first episode.


Hi Kate!!  (and Tony and Abby too)

They all sure look much younger, don't they???


So, CBS is going to be showing "classic" NCIS eps during the 10 PM

(let's face it, 10:30 - 10:50) time slot this fall on Sunday.


Journey back to a time where Tim was a "probie", Tony had never heard of a woman named Ziva,

and the head of this operation was a woman.

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I didn't see the first episode. I saw season two, episode 22 - SWAK. Tony opens a letter containing a white powder.

It was weird seeing young Tony and Kate and Abby. And Ducky in the morgue without Jimmy! And Gibbs doing the Gibbs head slap!

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I saw SWAK too.  Jimmy did show up later in the episode, not that I was looking for him.  I always liked SWAK.  It was interesting to realize that this was one of Kate's last episodes and see her sticking around to keep Tony company. 

I wonder why they didn't show Yankee White?  

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So is that what they are doing? Going back to the beginning? Not sure I really want to go there again. I don't miss Tony at all, mostly liked Kate and Ziva, but don't miss either of them either. This show has morphed so many times and still survived, I'm like mostly all the new cast and definitely love me some Mark Harmon!! 😄

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I like McGee when he's reached the point of feeling like he's really on the team instead of about to be sent away all the time. I remember reading a comment once and have observed it to be true how Abby's voice was deeper and she was more of a cool chick instead of a quirky girl. I liked the episodes where Kate has to toughen up to keep up with Gibbs, like when they flew somewhere and she asked where the bathroom was on the plane.

Yeah, I like these old episodes.

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Last night (New Year's Eve), I stumbled upon NCIS on Netflix, and selected Season 1, Ep 1 - WOW!  Blast from the past, and 4 hours and 4 episodes later, 2021 arrived.  Can't believe it's been 17 years since the first episode aired.  I remember watching the first episode way back in 2003.  Great way to spend New Year's Eve - IMO.

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Last night I saw for the first time I think the episode where Tony opened mail packed with poison and got sick. That was the nicest I ever recall seeing Kate act toward Tony, and I understand now why he named his fish after her. It was a good episode.

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