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S03.E04: Forget Me Not

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4 hours ago, Llywela said:

How Adira then ended up working as an inspector, sans memory, and why she wasn't able to find out anything about herself from, you know, official records, is an open question!

True. She went from a traumatized orphan to an inspector in the Earth Defense Force in one year? That requires some sort of testing and vetting, doesn't it? How was Adira able to explain the odd knowledge that was displayed?  "You can make a Bajoran dish?" "Yes." "Have you ever been to Bajor?" "No."  Huh? 

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You know, between this and what happened on DS9 with Jadzia, you would think that joined Trills would have some kind of emergency plan in place just in case something happened and the host was mortally injured and they need to transfer the symbiont quickly. Also interesting that most of the Tal's seemed to be in Starfleet, as many of the other main Trill in the franchise, the Dax's, were as well. Possibly that's just common among joined Trills due to their generations of knowledge? That makes it extra sad that, like Earth, the Trill have become very isolationist, but at least we left on a positive note and that they night join the rest of the galaxy soon now that they have more of a future for their joining. 

Nice episode, I am very glad that it looks like Adira wont be Wesley Crusher 2.0 like I was worried she would. Her having the Tal symbiote helps give her a sense of gravitas that she really needed to avoid the "precocious teen who knows everything" trope, so I am feeling better about her. 

Saru having a dinner for the staff was a nice idea, as I can imagine that moral is pretty low at this point, no matter how many inspirational speeches have been made or how volunteering for this seemed like a good idea at the time, but I imagined that it would go poorly. Everyone still have so many unresolved issues, that just sitting around at Awkward Space Thanksgiving was doomed to fail. The only person who ended up having fun was Georgiou, who was of course totally down with dinner and a show. It did end up working out though, as getting everything out let people actually talk about their problems, especially Culbert acting like he is the only competent person on the ship and Detmer's PTSD. I am really amused by how everyone was laughing their asses off at a Buster Keaton movie like someone filled the room with laughing gas. I mean, I love Buster Keaton, but this franchise really needs to one day acknowledge that pop culture didn't all just stop after about 1969. One thing I liked about season one of this show was that they actually played some modern music and had crappy house music for parties, it makes the future feel less...sterile? Really, I shouldn't complain, this show is certainly better than most Trek shows about having more diverse pop culture from different time periods. Of course, it was just nice seeing everyone have fun, and maybe things have been so tense lately that everyone was just looking for any excuse to really laugh. Plus, Georgiou getting popcorn from Saurian Lt. Linus!

Seeing Michael so smiley is still kind of weird, but I am certainly not complaining. 

Really good episode for Culber, I am glad that he is getting more to do this and is generally doing well season after everything that went down with him last season. 

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8 hours ago, Llywela said:

Adira told us in her intro ep that she'd been found in an escape pod, so it seems the crew abandoned ship, meaning the damage was irreparable.

Ahhhhh this is the missing piece I needed.  Somehow missed or forgot it.  Thanks!!

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On 11/6/2020 at 6:29 AM, Affogato said:

Maybe Gray was the only Trill around. Or the only compatible one. 

she is still a teen. At some point Gray will probably back off, but his memories could use some closure, too. 

Their memories, I should say. 

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9 hours ago, tennisgurl said:

That makes it extra sad that, like Earth, the Trill have become very isolationist, but at least we left on a positive note and that they night join the rest of the galaxy soon

If there's no Federation, and no warp drive, I would think that isolationist planets would be more common than not.  

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On 11/7/2020 at 2:41 AM, ChitChat said:

So true.  "Hoping for the best" isn't always the best plan!  I guess that's why he sent Burnham with her.  It was a bad decision on his part though.

Not to get into politics, but I have a feeling that many Thanksgiving dinners might look like that scene for some families this year.  😞  

Saru didn't send Burnham. He told Culber to go, but Culber sent Burnham in his place. They never even said whether they checked with Saru that it was o.k.! 


Saru should not invite Emperor Georgiou to a dinner party, considering what she liked to eat in the old days. 

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This was kind of a bullshit episode, IMO. Burnham had no business telling Adira what she should do in the Trill pools, or in any other Trill situation. She was guessing. I give the episode credit for bringing Trill the Planet to life and nudging along the return of the Federation. 

At first I thought this was going to be an analogy to the aloneness of the pandemic IRL. But what a bunch of headcases. “I’m fine... no I’m not.” OK then. If we are like that IRL, we’re screwed. 

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I don't have an issue with anyone being nonbinary (if that is true--it's hard to know since Adira is referred to as "she" and Gray is referred to as "he" in the dialogue), but I do have a problem with this great love being between characters who look like children rather than teenagers. Maybe it's because I'm in my 70s, but neither of them looks like 16 to me. At most, I would say 14, but something about their faces and their body shapes, as well as Adira's way of talking before she got the symbiote, makes them (especially Adira) seem more like 12-13. So the whole thing just feels off to me. 


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